Ace Soarinson

Ace Sorensen is a female stunt pilot. She was saved by Skye in "Pups Save an Ace."

Bio Edit

Ace, as previously mentioned, is a professional stunt pilot. She flies in a small airplane she named "Amelia", which became damaged (and later repaired) in "Pups Save an Ace." She is also skilled at wing walking, which she did while Skye was flying her plane.

Personality Edit

In the series, Ace is shown to be a nice and daring teen. She is shown to be fearless, but was worried when her plane Amelia became damaged. She was very thankful to the PAW Patrol after her plane was repaired, and showed gratitude by letting Skye fly it.

Appearance Edit

Ace has white skin with freckles, and orange-red hair in two pigtails, which is covered by a blue flight cap that is similar to Skye's. She wears a blue shirt with a yellow chevron on the side, and also wears a brown parachute on her back. She wears red pants and blue shoes as well.

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