PAW Patrol - Baby Whale - Lost Tooth

The baby whale lives in the sea with her mother.

The baby whale can be found in the water by the beach. She represents Adventure Bay on its town symbol, along with the Seal Island Lighthouse. In her first appearance, the PAW Patrol saves her after she becomes beached. In "Pups Save the Bay," she became covered in oil and Marshall helped Katie clean her off. She appears in many other episodes without needing help from the PAW Patrol.

The baby whale loves her mom, as seen in "Pups and the Very Big Baby". She is playful and inadvertently causes trouble on many occasions. In "Pups Save a Goodway", she jumps out of the water and knocks Grover Goodway's statue off of Cap'n Turbot's boat. The baby whale plays with the Turbots' diving bell like a volleyball in "Pups Save the Diving Bell", causing it to become stuck on the seafloor. She plays keep-away with a bucket of fish in "Pups Save a Lost Tooth".

The baby whale and her mom live in the Bay. Once she got beached on the bay, and the PAW Patrol had to save her. Another time, she got covered in oil and Marshall helped Katie clean her off.

The baby whale is a blueish-grey color. Her eyes are light brown. Her color scheme is lighter than her mother's.

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