Betrayus is the main antagonist in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. Betrayus is the white ghost and lord of the Netherworld. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent.

Personality Edit Edit

Betrayus is the lord of Netherworld. Betrayus is power-hungry, handsome, nervous, selfish and short tempered. He would terrorize and have fun doing it. Betrayus have an appetite equal to Pac.

Betrayus is plotting to steal the power berries. Betrayus is vowing to defeat Pac. The fact is, he's the powerful fire ghost with his fiery claw hands. Betrayus usually watches his TV often, he can like his stuff toy.

Appearance Edit Edit

He is a white ghost with red eyes and red glowing pupils in them, sharp teeth, red glowing appendages, iron like claw hands, black shadows around his eyes, a mustache, goatee, brown to red spiky hair. Back when he was a Pac-Person, he had hair similar to President Spheros', but with red tips and an oval body.

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