The blue footed booby is an elusive bird native to Seal Island. It does not like anyone to take its picture without asking, although Cap'n Turbot was allowed to take a picture of it in "Pups Save the Turbots". It is also very protective of its nest and eggs.

  As the name suggests, it has bright, sky blue, webbed feet. The bird has charcoal grey wings with a white body. The face is dark navy blue while the beak is black.

According to Cap'n Turbot, Blue-footed Booby's are a rare sight in Adventure Bay, indicating they are either not native to the area. Cap'n Turbot was excited at the possibility that more of them might begin nesting in Adventure Bay. Turbot's hopes have apparently come true as a Blue-footed Booby is shown to have recently built a nest atop the old hidden pirate cave of Captain Blackfur and recently laid some eggs in "Pups and the Pirate Treasure", showing that they have started nesting around Adventure Bay.