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Captain Horatio Turbot (usually identified as Cap'n Turbot) is a human character on PAW Patrol. He takes residence on Seal Island.

Cap'n Turbot is a goofy marine biologist and fisherman who lives in a small house on Seal Island. He is very clumsy and often inadvertently causes problems that only Ryder and the pups can solve. He is quick to panic in these situations. Despite his silliness, Cap'n Turbot knows plenty in regard to bodies of water, such as the Bay and its channels. His French cousin, Francois, frequently accompanies him when he explores the ocean. Cap'n Turbot owns the lighthouse at Seal Island and has a responsibility to keep the light functional. He also has a boat, the Flounder, and a diving bell that he uses for underwater research.

Cap'n Turbot is not particularly quick-witted and can be a bit childish at times. However, he is book-smart and knows a lot about marine biology. He has an interest in paleontology and nature photography. He also tends to speak alliteratively. For example, in the following quote of his, "Is it potentially possible within your PAW Patrol powers [...]". He is shown to have strange tastes when it comes to food. Cap'n Turbot enjoys the tastes of squid jerky (a piece of which he always carries as a snack), fish cookies, and even pup food like fish-shaped dog treats and liver sausages. He is best friends with Wally the Walrus.

Cap'n Turbot has light skin, brown hair, and wears blue colored square-shaped eyeglasses. He also wears a red toboggan hat to cover his hair, a light blue-colored polo shirt with yellow overalls covering it and dark brown boots.

 Below is a gallery of all the attires Cap'n Turbot has worn in the series:

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  • "Help, help, help!"
  • "Turbot tackles trout!" (from "Pups Save a Mer-Pup")