Eunice and Ellie

Eunice and Ellie are a pair of mother and daughter elephants that perform in the circus. Eunice is the mother and Ellie is her daughter. They love each other as a family.

Eunice and Ellie are elephants who perform in the circus. In the episode "Pups Save the Circus," Ellie jumped off a building and onto a trampoline.

Both elephants love peanuts, but they love each other even more. This is proven with the hearts that fly around them when they hug.

Eunice Edit Edit

Eunice loves Ellie more than anything else in the world. When Ellie ran away from the circus, Eunice was really worried about her baby.

Ellie Edit Edit

Ellie is really adventurous and really innocent. She loves performing along side her mother. Ellie also loves to play and wander.

Both elephants are grey, have no tusks, and bright brown eyes.

Eunice Edit Edit

Eunice, like all mommy animals, is bigger than Ellie. Her circus outfit is pink.

Ellie Edit Edit

Ellie, like all baby animals, is smaller than Eunice. Her circus outfit is purple.