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Francois Turbot (pronounced "fran-swah too-boh") is a human character on PAW Patrol. He is Cap'n Turbot's cousin from France, and appears alongside his cousin often.

Francois and his cousin Horatio have been shown to bond well, with Francois assuming the role of the Captain's sidekick in various episodes. However, he insists that his cousin pronounces the family name incorrectly, with the correct pronunciation being "too-boh" rather than "tur-bit." Francois has been shown to enjoy taking photographs on several occasions, although his pictures have never come out well. It is also revealed that he has an interest in nature, which is often the subject of his photos.

Francois is chic and somewhat egotistical. He loves to be the center of attention and can come across as a showoff. Francois' high self-regard often clouds his judgment and gets him into problems that only the PAW Patrol can solve. He is shown to be relentlessly overconfident, almost always trying to impress others. Francois will try to trump Cap'n Turbot whenever he has the chance, no matter what he must do to look more skilled. Francois' attempts to outdo his cousin always end in failure, with the humble captain prevailing and Francois receiving comeuppance. This results in a rivalry between the two Turbots, which can be seen whenever they argue or disagree with each other. Despite his self-centered nature, Francois is by no means an antagonist; he never causes any trouble intentionally.

Francois Turbot slightly resembles his cousin. He has white skin, brown hair, and wears circular glasses with pink lenses. He also has a brown mustache with a goatee. In terms of clothes, he wears a beret (French-style hat), a red and white striped polo-style shirt with a blue neck tie (the colours of the French flag), and blue jeans. He also wears a pair of brown loafer shoes. His physical stature is also very similar to his cousin's.

Below is a gallery of the attires Francois has worn in the series.

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