Fuzzy (1)

Fuzzy is a cute little gosling that Marshall befriends in "Pup Pup Goose." He also appears in "Pups Save a School Day."

Fuzzy is a cute gosling who likes Marshall, and Marshall likes him. Even though Fuzzy might look calm, he loves Adventure Bay. Marshall was looking for the geese through the observatory binoculars. When they landed in the nest created by Rocky, Fuzzy fell in a bucket and rolled down the hill. Marshall said he would save him and ended up rolling down the hill himself! In fact, he rolls so much faster than Fuzzy that he passes him. They then quickly became good friends. When Marshall discovered how Fuzzy the goose looked, he decided to name him after that description.  

Like Marshall, Fuzzy can sometimes trip over things and roll down a hill. He likes to eat bread and bread crumbs, but he never gets any room to get any from the nest due to the bigger geese. Fuzzy also likes to sit or stand on Marshall's hat or head. He can be curious at times.

Fuzzy has yellowish-brown feathers and brown feet, eyes, and beak.

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