Mama Hooty with her son

Mama Hootie is the mother of Little Hootie. She was the owl who was stuck in the tree in "Pups Save a Hoot." She is a female owl.

Mama Hootie is the loving and caring mother of Little Hootie. She was worried when Little Hootie was carried away by the wind in "Pups Save a Hoot." She lives in a tree with her son.

Mama Hooty loves and cares for him. She gets nervous when he wanders off or leaves her sight.

  • Caring for her child.
  • Making sure her child is safe.

Mama Hootie looks very similar to her son. She has light purple colored fur with darker purple wings. She has brown eyes with a yellowish background. She has a yellow beak and feet, and she is taller than her son. Her chest fur is white and is in the shape of a heart.