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This page features a list of the major vehicles that appear in episodes of PAW Patrol, primarily the ones driven (and flown) by the team.

  1. Ryder's Vehicle; Ryder has a red quad bike that transforms into an ATV, a water ski and a snowmobile. If he presses a button, he can deploy a life jacket before sailing out into the bay. The vehicle number is 01
  2. Chase has a blue police vehicle. There are traffic cones in the back and whenever Chase barks in a certain way, the front slides up to reveal a bone-shaped winch. The vehicle number is 02.
  3. Marshall has a red fire truck. There is a ladder in the back. Marshall can make the ladder go up by barking in a certain way; he can also make the hose on the truck squirt water by barking. The vehicle number is 03.
  4. Skye has a pink helicopter. There is a harness in the back. Only Ryder, Rocky, and Marshall have used the harness. Skye's helicopter contains a cable that can be used to pick up out-of-reach objects. The vehicle number is 04.
  5. Rocky has a green recycle truck. He stores old bits there that can be used later on. The vehicle number is 05.
  6. Rubble has a yellow bulldozer. There is a drill-arm in the back, and there is also a digger scoop. The vehicle number is 06.
  7. Zuma has an orange hovercraft. Zuma can shoot life-rings from the hovercraft. The vehicle number is 07.
  8. The PAW Patroller is a large, 18-wheeler version of The Lookout. This vehicle is used to transport the pups (plus Ryder & Robo-Dog) to locations outside of Adventure Bay. This vehicle number is 08.
  9. Everest has a white and teal snow plow. It can plow through snow. There is also a claw that lift big things like a tree trunk. The vehicle number is 09.
  10. The Air Patroller is a vehicle in Season 3 that has the ability to fly. It is the second flying vehicle other than Skye's helicopter. Robo-Dog can fly this as well as driving the PAW Patroller. The Air Patroller also has a crane beneath it to carry the pups' pup-houses. The vehicle number is 10.
  11. Introduced in Season 3, Tracker's Jeep is a white off-road vehicle with green stripes on it resembling camouflage. It has 4 spotlights on the top. His symbol is on each side of the vehicle. The vehicle number is 11.
  12. The Jungle Patroller is a toy introduced in late 2016. It's unknown if it'll be introduced in an actual episode. The vehicle number is 12.
  13. The PAW Terrain Vehicle is a toy introduced in 2016. It's unknown if it'll be introduced in an actual episode. The vehicle number is 13.
  14. Mission PAW Cruiser was Introduced in the fourth season episode Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown. The vehicle number is 14.
  15. The Sea Patroller is a boat that was introduced in the show's fourth season. It's a boat that will probably be used for water rescues. The vehicle number is 15.