Robo-Pup (originally known as Robo-Dog) is Ryder's custom-made robot.

Robo-Dog is Ryder's dog robot. He was created by Ryder, with some help from Rocky. He drives the PAW Patroller, first seen in "The New Pup." He also pilots the Air Patroller, first seen in "Air Pups."

In Pups Save Ryder's Robot and Pups in a Fix, due to being a machine, Robo-Pup is prone to malfunction if he is damaged.

He has all the different skills of the PAW Patrol, but his skills are more improved. He is shown to be a capable of driver and pilot capable of driving and flying large vehicles/aircraft such as the PAW Patroller and Air Patroller.

In Pups in a Fix, after he is "repaired" by Alex Porter, Robo-Pup is shown to be able to fix and "upgrade" various devices (such as the Pet Parlor's hair dyer or The Lookout's Elevator) and vehicles (such as turning Alex's Toy Airplane into a Toy Jet, or increasing the horsepower of The Flounder's engine), though said upgrades usually end up causing trouble (fixes stuff too good as Alex puts it) as the repairs are the result of Robo-Pup malfunctioning. Fortunately Robo-Pup is later fixed by Ryder. Despite trouble his upgrades caused, Katie liked the upgrade to her Parlor's hair dyer and refused to let Ryder fix it. Earlier in the episode, when Ryder was calibrating Robo-Dog's Pup Pack, his pup pack's arm was shown to be strong enough to fling a wrench through the garage door leaving a gaping hole in the metal when he was given the simple task of put it away, but after some extra calibration, was able to be more delicate and successfully put the wrench away without causing any damage. At the beginning of the episode, Robo-Dog was shown to have quick reflexes, able to prevent the Pups treat filled dog bowls from falling on them following one of Marshall's frequent wipeouts. In his debut episode he was shown to be able to dig better than Rubble. Though he originally was remote controlled, in The New Pup and subsequent episodes it was shown that Ryder had upgraded Robo-Dog to take vocal commands improving his functionality.

Robo-Dog has a white body with blue floppy ears. His face is a screen with eyes and a black nose. His collar has a blue tag with a white paw on it, and it's also his off button. His tail serves as his antennae to receive commands from Ryder's controller, which is why he went haywire after it got bent. His first tail antennae had an orange end, and his new tail antennae has a purple end.

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