(After the logo of Paramount Pictures We go to Nick Jr Movies where we see a bouncing logo of Nick Jr comes down and Robo-Dog coming toward barking then shoots a light beam spelling out the word Movies from under the Nick Jr logo as it says "Nick Jr Movies" Then we go to the beginning of this movie)

"Paramount Pictures and Nick Jr Movies Present"

"A Spin Master Entertainment Production"


(The movie begins in the place called the electrical security system program and date July 6th, 2015 and time 8:30 A.M. where the men are working and looking at the systems when suddenly they hear a warning alarm as The General takes a look at the radar)

Man #1: You better have a look at this, sir.

Man #2: Commercial flight.

Man #3: No. Too fast, sir.

Man #4: One of our own?

Man #5: Air force has nothing scheduled.

The General: We've got ourselves a bogey. (We see many pilot of jet pilots flying into the sky)

Pilot: Orange leader to Delta Group, anticipate visual contact... now. (Flying on the rocket ship lived seven pups; Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest known as the Paw Patrol along with Robo-Dog)

Robo-Dog: [Bark-Bark!]

Pilot: Holy cow pie!

Marshall: Hi. Nice antiques!

Skye: Gotta fly!!! (They flew their rocket ship into outer space)

Rocky: Fusion mix, stable. Engines cycling at one million gigajoules.

Rubble: Cool. We didn't blow up!

Zuma: Great.

Chase: Uh, Marshall..., I think they want us to pull over.

Marshall: No time for that, Chase. Stand by with the satellite.

Everest: OK. What do I do again?

Zuma: You're the deployment system, Everest.

Skye: As soon as we clear the atmosphere, you just throw it.

Everest: Right.

Marshall: Prepare to leave the atmosphere!! (In the town called Adventure Bay lived three people in porter's market; Ryder, Katie and Alex Porter. Katie just handed the boxes full of healthy fruits and vegetables to hand out)

Katie: Sorry about the toast, Ryder. I had to make it into the oven.

Alex: I can't find our toaster anywhere. Looky. (Saw the prize inside the cereal box)

Ryder: This oven toaster is Brilliant, Katie. And your yolks are absolutely perfect, too.

Katie: Run away with me, my love.

Ryder: OK. But we'll have to take my car because your transmission needs a new compression cuff.

Katie: Whatever.

Alex: (Pulls out a prized toy duck from the cereal box) This is good one. Quack quack.

Katie: Would you call the Paw Patrol? They're going to miss the bus.

Alex: Paw Patrol! Breakfast! Time to come down! Down down down down down. Quack! Down down down down down quack quack! (Cut back to the Paw Patrol along with Robo-Dog on the rocket ship heading toward the atmosphere)

Marshall: Up, up, up...! Engaging pulse rockets... now! (Pulls the lever until the rocket is coughing and losing fuel) No!

Everest: Now? (Throws the toaster in the air but it falls back onto the rocket ship as it coughs off smoke everywhere in the atmosphere)

Zuma: Is this suppose to happen? (Marshall begins to think in his head by closing his eyes)

Marshall: Come on. Think... (Zoomed inside Marshall's ear) Think... Think... (We see Marshall's brain pumping up and zooming inside of it as he thinks about Ryder's images of using Chase's hook wrench with Chase's badge, Rubble's lunchbox with Rubble's badge, Everest's soda can with Everest's badge and Rocky's toaster with Rocky badge then Marshall got an idea as we cut back to him) PUPPY BLAST!!! (To Rubble) Give me your lunch! (Rubble handed Marshall his lunch as he looks for Everest's soda can)

Robo-Dog: (Opens wide reveal tape in his tongue)

Marshall: Thanks, boy. (He took the piece of sticky tape out of Robo-Dog's tongue as he tape Everest's soda can around Rocky's toaster then hooks it on to Chase's hook wrench and throws it into the atmosphere then he pulls Chase's hook wrench making Everest's soda can open as it shoot out of the universe sending a massage to the other world)

Pups: Wow!

Marshall: Don't try that at home. (The Rocket ship coughs out it's last smoke as they all fall down back to earth)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Skye: Must engage stabilizers. (She engage the stabilizers)

Marshall: Now just a quick stop to the lookout!

Everest: I don't know, Marshall. I gotta get to school on time. Besides you...

Skye: Right. Gotcha! (Presses the button ejecting Robo-Dog out of the rocket ship as Robo-Dog lets out a parachute to float himself down with)

Chase: See you in homeroom, Robo-Dog!

Robo-Dog: [Bark-Bark!]

Marshall: Fasten your seat belts, pups. It's gonna be a bumpy ride! (Their rocket ship is about to go on a wild bumpy ride by crashing through the building board, somebodies rooftop, Captain Turbot's lighthouse and all the way toward Mayor Goodway's rooftop of the white house as their rocket ship crash landed)

Mr. Porter: Well what do you know? The Pups have crash landed into the rooftop again.

Gustavo Goodway: The chimney fell off again. (The Paw Patrol got out of the broken rocket ship)

Skye: Are you alright, Marshall.

Marshall: I'm OK!

Chase: Well, that wasn't so bad, huh? (Marshall jumps off as the rocket ship makes the chimney timber and crashes onto Mayor Goodway's car breaking it)

Marshall: Oops.

Mayor Goodway: Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Everest! (The Paw Patrol gasps and saw Mayor Goodway) I see you pups up there! How many times have we told you not to launch yourself off the roof?

Marshall: Probably nine. Exactly nine.

Rubble: They say repetition is good for a developing brain.

Mayor Goodway: Then what do you think you're doing?

Chase: Last night we got a message from space, but it was garbled in the ionosphere, so I had to launch a communications toaster... I mean, satellite. And then when we tried...

Ryder: (Came by with Katie and Alex) Well, message from space. Wow.

Mayor Goodway: Don't encourage him, Ryder. Pups! We've repeatedly told you not to talk to strangers.

Marshall: But Mayor Goodway, We're on the verge of contract with an advanced Ghost from the netherworld civilization.

Mayor Goodway: I don't care how advanced they say they are, Pups. If you and Ryder haven't met them, they're strangers. Right, Ryder?

Ryder: Well except the policemen. They're there to help you.

Skye: Ruff ruff! Wings! (She lets out her wings from her pup pack as she flew up as Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Chase, Rubble, Zuma, Rocky and Everest hold onto her as they gently come down to the ground)

Mr. Porter: Oh you've got to admit that was pretty neat! (Mayor Goodway looks at him while she smiles and has her arms crossed) ... But very unsafe. That's bad. (Gave Mayor Goodway a thumbs up. We cut to the Paw Patrol in the lookout getting themselves ready for school day. Marshall turns the knob as it activated the Paw Patrol clothes remover from the Pups outfits and putting on the cleaner ones then Marshall's struggles his life by his firemen outfit)

Marshall: Deactivate... suit!! (Rubble shoots out the toy gun toward the solar sun as it activated the bed maker by making the pups beds outside. Cut to Chase who is about to brush his teeth in the bathroom)

Chase: Engage, Gingivitis. (Begins to brush his teeth by getting rid of the cavities then checks his teeth in the mirror and smiles then Rocky steps up and it's about get a drink but then the machine shoots out a hydro pump of water making Rocky soaking wet)

Rocky: Nooooooo!! (Gotten himself wet by water) Robo-Barber prototype, engage.

Robo-Barber: Online. (Gives Rocky a makeover by getting rid of the wet fur making him fluffy) Ta-da. (Gives Rocky another makeover making him bold as a rock star) You rock! (Gives Rocky another makeover making him a girl hair) You go, girl. (Gives Rocky another makeover making his hair his own dry self. Cut to Zuma and Skye checking on the computer as they check out the shoes)

Skye: Precious! (Precious the Kitten steps in and helps Zuma and Skye get ready by tidying their helmets suddenly the alarm goes off as they saw the bus strolls by and when they got up they all fall down together by tripping)

Zuma and Skye: Awww!!

Precious: Meow. (Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest slide down and headed toward outside by heading toward the school bus)

Everest: Bye, Ryder! (But the bus leaves right in front of the Paw Patrol)

Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Hey!! Wait!! We're here!!

Mr. Porter: Goodbye, Pups. Have a good time! (Chickaletta steps in and lays eggs on the doorstep)

Chickaletta: Bawk bawk bawk.

Mr. Porter: D'oh. Chickaletta, not in the porch. (Chickaletta kicks her feet backwards then we cut back to the Paw Patrol catching up to the bus they going after) 

Marshall: Hey! hey, wait! (But then they stopped and think)

Chase: Seems like the perfect opportunity to try out the Super Bubble Gumobile.

Rubble: No, Chase don't try it. It's too soon.

Chase: Nonsense. All great inventions need a test run. Ruff ruff! Gumobile. (He took out the gumobile from his pup pack as he chews it and blows out a really big bubble for them to ride on it)

Marshall: Ha ha! Alright!

Skye: Yeah!

Pups: Ruff ruff Awhoooo!!  (They all bounced inside the Super Bubble Gumobile all the way toward the school bus while the viewers sang The Paw Patrol Theme Song remix) Yee-haw!!!

Chorus: PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, we'll be there on the double,

Whenever there's a problem, 'round Adventure Bay,

Ryder and his team of pups, shall come and save the day,

Marshall! Rubble! Chase! Rocky! Zuma! Skye!

YEAH! They're on the way!

PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, whenever you're in trouble,

PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, we'll be there on the double,



PAW Patrol, we're on a roll!

'Cause here we go, PAW Patrol!

(Random Whoa-ing)

PAW Patrol,

(More Random Whoa-ing)

PAW Patrol!

Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Hello! (On the bus we see lots of animals. Mandy the monkey is listening to her music with her headphones. Cali the Cat saw some seven dogs who are the Paw Patrol riding the super bubble gumobile)

Mandy: Cali, look! The Paw Patrol's got another one.

Cali: Nice invention, Paw Patrol! Too bad somebody already invented the bus!

Marshall: Hey guys! We've got it down this time! Internal combustion's such old science. Bubble travel is the way of the future. (He, Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest crashes toward the tree branches causing the super bubble gumobile to pop and the school bus too off to the school building while the other animals laughed)

Chorus: PAW Patrol!


(theme song end)

Cali: I guess trees are, like, the brakes.

Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and  Everest: (Sighs)

Robo-Dog: [Bark-Bark]

Zuma: Robo-Dog!

Rocky: Ruff ruff! Scissors! (He took out the scissors with the claw hooked onto it and snips the parachute off of him making him drop to the ground)

Robo-Dog: [Bark!]

Everest: Robo-Dog says thanks.

Rocky: That's what we are here for. (The Paw Patrol along with Robo-Dog run toward the school)

Zuma: What a day, huh?

Marshall: Look on the bright side, Zuma. The worst is behind us. (We cut to the inside of the school building Cali showed the other animals of how cats are smarter than dogs by showing the black board while doing show and tell)

Cali: And my fossil-to-chromosome ratios clearly demonstrate that female dinosaurs, like this plesiosaurus, were the stronger and smarter of their species. But, so what else is new? After class I'll be happy to demonstrate how boy dinosaurs got their butts kicked by girl dinosaurs on a regular basis.

Skye: Excuse me, but the mandible crest of Cali's alleged "plesiosaurus" is that of a male megalosaur, as defined by the Congress of Paleontologists.

Cali: Those findings were inconclusive, and you know it, Paw Patrol.

Marshall: Hello! Mr. Goodway, what is the standard for research on these extra-credit reports?

Gustavo Goodway: Yes, well... Let's move along to "show and tell" now, shall we?

Chompy: This is Super Pup!

Gustavo Goodway: Chompy, this is the seventh week in the row you've shown Super Pup in class.

Chompy: Mr. Goodway. This one is different.  This "Purple Vengeance" version with power fists and nuclear knees is a rare, never-been-seen condition, making it highly collectible.

Cali: Never been seen, huh? Well, then, how do you know it's even there? (Chompy pulls out the super pup action figure from the box but Cali doesn't care when she smiles. Then Chompy looks inside the empty box)

Chompy: No!!! (All the animals laughed. Wally the Walrus told the Paw Patrol the frog he just drew on the piece of paper)

Wally: Say, Paw Patrol. Wanna see my frog?

Zuma: Ooh. That looks great, Wally.

Wally: Thanks. What are you drawing?

Chase: Fly cycle modifications for our team.

Rocky: Second prototype.

Wally: Well, you know, that looks good, too.

Marshall: Thanks, Wally.

Gustavo Goodway: Wally! Would you please share with us your "show and tell"?

Wally: OK. (Gets up and shows the other animals his fishing hook he just got) This is my fishing hook. It provides fast acting of fish of bronchial swelling due to live bait and food. One hook with this here fishing rod and... (Accidentally hooks his tail with his own fishing hook) OAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (All the animals laughed) I'VE GOT HOOKED!!!!!

Gustavo Goodway: Thank you, Wally. All right! Next we have... (Then the Kitten Catastrophe Crew showed up by the door making their entrance)

Cali: Kitten Catastrophe Crew! (Here we see Cat Marshall, Cat Rubble, Cat Chase, Cat Rocky, Cat Zuma and Cat Skye looking all sinister)

The Piglets: (Sighs happily)

Gustavo Goodway: Oh yes. Kitten Catastrophe Crew. You are a tad tardy again!

Cat Marshall: Oh my. Aren't we?

Cat Chase: It took us kittens a little while to copy Mayor Humdinger's handwriting for this late note. (The Kitten Catastrophe Crew came in to find their seat)

Gustavo Goodway: You're show and tell please.

Cat Rocky: How's it goin'? (Hands the ball of yarn for The Piglets to play with)

Cat Zuma: You know we don't really do show and tell.

Gustavo Goodway: Yes. That's right. Thank you, Kitten Catastrophe Crew.

Cali: (Drops her pencil) Oops.

Cat Rubble: (Picked up the pencil) Did you drop this?

Cali: Yes, well I... My dropped pencil.

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Everest: (Sticks out their tongues)

Chase: Aaaachoooo!!

Gustavo Goodway: Paw Patrol, we eagerly await to another one of your interesting "show and tells"! (The Paw Patrol stands up and shows their show and tell invention they come up with)

Marshall: As a matter of fact we've brought our latest invention! Behold... (Shows them the shrink ray) The Shrink Ray!

Cali: What's the matter, Paw Patrol? Are you short enough already?

Skye: Funny, Cali.

Chase: But this device is more suited to shrink something as vast as space itself, like, say, your mouth. (Presses the button on the shrink ray remote to "Ant Size" but then it just malfunctioned with a little smoke. All animals laughed)

Cali: Help me! Help me! I'm so tiny! Just like Paw Patrol's brains! (School bell rings as all the animals got up and run out of the class homeroom)

Cat Skye: So much for the Nobel prize.

Gustavo Goodway: Now Animals that's enough.

Cali: Better luck next time!

Rocky: It worked this morning.

Wally: I like you useless shrink ray, Paw Patrol.

Marshall: Well, it's probably just a programming error. (As Marshall packs the shrink ray from his pack it accidentally shoots out the shrink ray remote control right at Mayor Humdinger from outside)

Mayor Humdinger: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (Became tiny as an insects) Oh my! Hello?... Is anyone here?... (Then a Giant Larvar Worm crawling toward the Tiny Mayor Humdinger) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Back! Back! Leviathan! (Giant Larvar Worm Roars as Mayor Humdinger screams then we cut to the Paw Patrol along with Wally the Walrus and Chompy the Beaver)

Wally: Come on, Paw Patrol. Some of the greatest inventors started as complete, hopeless failures, too.

Chompy: Yeah.

Everest: Well, Thank you, Wally. We feel better, I think.

Marshall: I'm glad.

Wally: That's good.

Chompy: Hey, Adventure Bay Theme Park! Check it out! (Rips the poster off of the wall to the Adventure Bay White House) Meet Super Pup, Live!

Marshall: Look, it's the state-of-the-art, bone-warping gravity ride.

Chompy: I can hang out with Super Pup!

Wally: And there's a petting zoo.

Zuma: Well look at this!

Chompy: No, meet Super Pup Live!

Wally: Llamas and capybaras.

Chompy: Who cares? Meet Super Pup Live!

Wally: Yeah but I'm gonna touch the llama.

Skye: Guys we have got to go to the grand opening... Tonight!

Chompy: Yeah!

Wally: Yeah. But my folks won't let me stay out after dark.

Chase: Well, it is a school night.

Rubble: Pukin' Pluto, there's gotta be something we can do. It's the grand opening.

Cat Skye: Sneak out. (The Paw Patrol, Wally and Chompy heard what one of the Kitten Catastrophe Crew said when they show up)

Pups: Huh?

Cat Chase: You heard her, Pups. Sneak out.

Marshall: Yeah. But Ryder sorta told us...

Cat Marshall: Ryder? What, are you guys gonna be kids forever?

Cat Rubble: Well your leader don't know what hurt em, right?

Chase: But, Cat Rubble. Sneaking out is so barbaric.

Cat Rocky: Whatever, Paw Patrol. But there is one opening night.

Cat Skye: And anybody who matters is gonna be there. (The Kitten Catastrophe Crew ran off by riding on their rocket cage)

Chompy: What'd you think, Paw Patrol?

Marshall: The Kitten Catastrophe Crew does got a point. There is one opening night. Think, think, think, think, think. Well, according to the y:i Newville Journal of Medicine, monkeys are easily influenced by positive reinforcement, e.g. The giving of a banana.

Chase: And since human and monkey DNA only differ by two per cent, the same principle should work on our leader, Ryder.

Wally: Captain Turbot is allergic to bananas.

Everest: It's not the bananas. It's the principle.

Marshall: It's called psychology.

Zuma: All you have to do is butter 'em up.

Rubble: Give it a try. We'll call you guys later.

Skye: We're going to Adventure Bay Theme Park... Tonight!

Wally and Chompy: Yeah!!!

Skye: Ruff ruff!!! Wings!!! (She lets out her wings from her jet pack and so did the rest of the Paw Patrol as they all flew off all around Adventure Bay as the music soundtrack "Leave it up to Me" plays)

Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Watch out! - Hey! Hold on! - I know. Excuse me, are you through with that? Thanks. A few oysters. One lump of coal coming up. Thanks, Jake. 

Jake: Hi, Paw Patrol.

Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Excuse me. (But when they all made it to the Lookout on time, their jet packs became out of fuel coughing out a little smoke and they fall down) Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah!!!!! Oof!!! Ugh!!! (Cut to Ryder in the pit crew fixing his ATV until he heard a noise)

Ryder: Pups? Is that you?

Marshall: Yeah, Ryder. We'll be in in the second. (He, Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest put their paws into their DNA sample)

Computer: DNA match confirmed. Welcome home, Paw Patrol.

Chase: Eliminate school smell. (The computer does so)

Computer: Normal pup odor restored.

Marshall: Thank you, Vox.

Computer: You're welcome. Warning. Entry tube closed for maintenance. (Marshall, Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest jumps all the way inside the secret laboratory)

Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Whoooooooooooooooooooah!!!!! Oooof!!!!!

Chase: Thank you, Vox.

Computer: You're welcome. (When they got in the laboratory they called out Robo-Dog)

Marshall: Here Robo-Dog! Here boy! Here Robo-Dog!

Robo-Dog: [Bark, bark, bark!]

Chase: Hey, look what we brought ya. Aluminium. Do you want it? Do you want it? Huh?

Robo-Dog: [Bark bark!]

Chase: Sit. (Robo-Dog does so) Roll over. (Robo-Dog does so by rolling his head) Play dead. (Robo-Dog does so as he exploded into pieces)

Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah and Orion: What The?

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Whaaah!!!

Rocky: Mental note: Fix bug in obedience program. (Robo-Dog fixed himself by rebuilding himself as he activates himself by turning himself on)

Robo-Dog: [Bark, bark, bark!]

Chase: Good boy! (Throws the Aluminium to Robo-Dog as he eats it)

Zuma: Okay, Robo-Dog. Let's check the experiments. (The Paw Patrol and Robo-Dog do so as they go to the secret laboratory by seeing many experiment as the music soundtrack "He Blinded me with Science" Plays. When they got there, Marshall presses the button as they see the invisible hamsters first)

Marshall: The invisible hamsters are looking great... I think. (Rubble presses the button as they see the cat eating plant next)

Rubble: Let's see how the cat eating plant is doing. (He hold out the pictures of Cali, Gilda and Marley. The Cat eating plant sniffs at these pictures then roars and eats the picture off of Cali's head) Ha. Nice choice. As usual. (Throws the picture of Cali without her head with the rest of the eaten pictures of cats even the Catastrophe Crew. Chase presses the button as they see the latest burping soda formula last)

Chase: The latest burping soda formula.  A guaranteed one burp per sip. (Preston, Calvin, Hayley, Sarah, Levi, Dane, Mick, Troy, Emma, Jake, Gia, Noah, Orion, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest drank their burping soda formula and burps but one accidentally spills. Robo-Dog licks at the spilled burping soda formula with his robo tongue and burps loudly)

Skye: Excuse you, Robo-Dog! (Soon, The Paw Patrol and the Robo-Dog went to the screen message as they retrieves messages which are 0 messages)

Orion: You know, there's still no reply to our satellite message.

Rocky: Jeez, it's been a whole day.

Emma: You'd think we would have heard from an ghost from the netherworld by now, huh?

Marshall: Well, come on, Robo-Dog. (The Paw Patrol and Robo-Dog went to invent something from their secret lab. First they do way with the oyster they've just brought)

Skye: Say "Aah"!

Oyster: Aaaaaaah!

Zuma: Add a little sand and... (Does so as the machine does the rest by kicking it by boot all the way toward the microwave)

Rocky: In you go! (Then he tune the microwave up to 4 minutes as the oysters pop up and opened their mouths revealing the pearls. Then we cut to Chase making up the diamond mind by burning it with the fire)

Chase: I'm just an old lump of coal. (Pulls the lever as the machine smashes it revealing the diamond mind itself) But I'm gonna be a diamond some day. Oh yeah.

Ryder: (Speaking from the Paw Patrol's collars) Pups! We have a big emergency. Mayor Goodway is in deep trouble hanging from the tree branch! Paw Patrol to the lookout right away!

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Ryder needs us! (They and Robo-Dog went out of their secret lab and went to the lookout by going to the elevator)

Marshall: I'm first! (The Paw Patrol went up the elevator as they are in the Paw Patrol uniform. The elevator opens up as the Paw Patrol jumps toward their standard formation)

Everest: Paw Patrol, reporting for duty!

Chase: Ready for action, Ryder sir! (Robo-Dog went toward Ryder's side)

Ryder: Thanks for coming toward the lookout pups. By the way how was show and tell today?

Marshall: It was OK. I think.

Ryder: Right. Anyway Mayor Goodway needs our help. She got stuck in the tree branch trying to get Chickaletta out of the tree.

Skye: Oh no. Not good.

Ryder: For this mission I need... (Rolls his pup pad with random as it stops at Marshall's badge) Marshall, I need you and your ladder to help get Mayor Goodway down. You think you can handle it?

Marshall: Ready for a ruff ruff rescue!

Ryder: (Rolls his Pup pad with random as it stops at Skye's badge) Skye, I need you and your helicopter to lower the crane helping get Chickaletta down from the tree top.

Skye: This pups gotta fly!

Ryder: The rest of you pups... stand by in case I need you. All right!! Paw Patrol is on the roll!! (The Paw Patrol cheers Ryder on as he slides down the poll. Cut to Marshall running and slipping down the slide)

Marshall: Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah!!! (Cut to Skye running toward the slide as she jumps up and does back flips all the way down the slide) Whoooooooooooooah!!!

Chorus: Marshall!!! Go! go! go! go! go! go! go! go! go! (Marshall got on his fire truck ride as he straps himself onto the seat belt as he rolls out) Skye! Go! go! go! go! go! go! go! go! go! (Skye got on the helicopter as she straps herself onto her seat belt as she took off and then comes Ryder with his ATV rolling out as he and two Paw Patrol moved out) Paw Patrol! Paw Patrol!

Marshall: Never fear, Mayor Goodway. Paw Patrol is here to help!

Mayor Goodway: Oh thank goodness you're back from school, Paw Patrol. I've tried to get Chickaletta down from the tree. But somehow I got stuck in the tree myself!

Ryder: No worries, Mayor Goodway. Marshall, the ladder.

Marshall: You got it, Ryder! Ruff! Ladder up! (Releases the ladder from the fire truck as it goes up)

Mayor Goodway: Oh dear. Are you sure is it safe to come all the way down from a tree?

Marshall: Sure the more the merrier. (Climbs up the ladder as he tries to reach out Mayor Goodway) Hop on, Mayor Goodway.

Mayor Goodway: Here I come! (Hops on Marshall but then Marshall falls on the ladder)

Marshall: Aah! Ooh! Eee! Aah! Oh! Ooh! Eee! Ooh! Aah! I'm good!

Ryder: Nice work, Marshall. Skye, you're up!

Skye: Let's take to the sky! Lower Hook! Ruff! (The Helicopter releases the hook attached to the basket as it lowers Chickaletta making her hop on) Hold on, Chickaletta. I'll lower you down safe and sound. (Does so as she reunited Chickaletta to Mayor Goodway)

Mayor Goodway: Thanks, Ryder. Thank you, Paw Patrol. How could I ever thank you for saving me while I try to save my precious Chickaletta?

Marshall: There's an Adventure Bay Theme Park for a grand opening tonight planned by us, Wally and Chompy right after show and tell.

Mayor Goodway: Well I suppose I could let you go tonight. But it's not actually night time. So... sure. I believe so!

Ryder: You all such good pups today. (The Paw Patrol cheered on as they all such good pups before Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest played together)

Chorus: Pa pa pa pa paw patrol! (Then we cut to the satellite toaster, attached to the soda can by sticky type floating away from the whole universe that is until we see a green light shoots out grabbing it from the ghost space ship of the netherworld until some ghost with hands grabbed the toaster attached to a soda can until we cut to a royal white evil ghost named Lord Betrayus petting the cam slug)

[Note: Some of the ghosts are the special wanted guesses from the show Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures]

Lord Betrayus: Mom... Yes... The king, he loves his little orthgot. Yes, he does. Yes, he does. Yes, he does. (Eats his Cam Slug) Yes he does.

Ogle: Lord Betrayus! It appears to be some type of alien transmission device.

Lord Betrayus: Tell me, when did it become acceptable to approach my royal throne unannounced?

Ogle: Yes, of course, my lordship!

Lord Betrayus: Space him! (The Blue Ghost presses the space button as he sucks Ogle out of the ship and into the whole universe in space)

Ogle: I assure you that... Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah!!!!! (Then Dr. Buttocks and Buttler showed floating toward the actual window)

Dr. Buttocks and Buttler: Wait!!!!! (Smashed into the actual window) We missed it!

Dr. Buttocks: Can I, Can I, Can I, space another?

Lord Betrayus: No.

Dr. Buttocks: Oh please, Betrayus!

Lord Betrayus: I said no, Buttocks!

Dr. Buttocks: Oh please oh please oh please...

Lord Betrayus: I would love for that to stop.

Dr. Buttocks: Oh please! Oh what do we have here? As Lord Betrayus's assistant, I am the official checker of new things to be checked.

Buttler: And as your butler I serve things, sir. (Then the toast from the toaster pops up right in front of Dr. Buttocks and Buttler)

Dr. Buttocks: It's all right. It's all right. I'll handle this. (To toast) Hello!

Toast: .......

Dr. Buttocks: What... galaxy are you from?

Lord Betrayus: Buttocks?

Dr. Buttocks: Where is your leader?

Lord Betrayus: Buttocks? Stop it! It's toast.

Dr. Buttocks: Oh. (Picks up the toast) Hello, toast. I greatly admire your ship. (Falls down) Whoa whoa!! Oof!!

Computer: Beginning transmission from Earth. (Some seven pups set up the camera that it was the Paw Patrol living from Adventure Bay)

Marshall: Greetings from Adventure Bay! We're the Paw Patrol and you're the ghosts from the netherworld! I'm Marshall. The Fire Pup ready for a ruff ruff rescue.

Rubble: My name's Rubble. Rubble on the double!

Chase: I'm Chase. Chase is on the case!

Rocky: I'm Rocky! Don't lose it, reuse it!

Zuma: My name's Zuma. Let's dive it!

Skye: I'm Skye! This pups gotta fly!

Everest: And I'm Everest. Ice or snow I'm ready to go!

Marshall: We welcome the opportunity...

Lord Betrayus: Oooh... Puppies!

Marshall: ...for the mutual exchange of scientific knowledge and universal brotherhood.

Robo-Dog: (Sniffs at the camera) [Bark, bark!]

Chase: This here is our dog. Robo-Dog.

Marshall: And this that you're looking at is our lookout. That's where we sleep.

Chase: And this our Leader Ryder right here. See? Here's Ryder, Alex, Katie and Carlos.

Lord Betrayus: Wait!!! Freeze that Image!!! (He gets out of the throne and floats forward and saw the picture of Ryder, Alex, Katie and Carlos in the picture near the zoomed in camera) They look... delicious. The search... is over!!! (Laughs evilly as their ship and all the other ghost ships are heading toward the portal vortex called Adventure Bay. Then we cut back to the Paw Patrol who are inside the Adventure Bay Vet Clinic)

Chase: Paw Patrol ready for grooming, Katie ma'am.

Katie: Thanks for coming to my Vet Clinic pups. My Cat Cali is with the monkey named Mandy who was her best friend doing some weird Tai-Chi moves. But I need someone to look after my Clinic Vet and join in the play.

Everest: But, Katie. We were suppose to meet Wally, Chompy and all the other animals in Adventure Bay to the Theme Park.

Katie: Great! Ryder says you needed my help. So... Could you pups watch my Clinic for me while I'm with Ryder helping Alex Porter and his grandfather with the groceries?

Zuma: Uh. Sure. I guess.

Rocky: I prefer not to get wet in the bath.

Skye: I do! (Does the back flips by jumping in the bath water)

Everest: Show-off. (Jumps in the bath water with Skye and laughs with her)

Rubble: Girls.

Katie: I knew I could count on you pups. Have fun! (Leaves to help Ryder and Alex with the groceries while the Paw Patrol stay put inside the Vet Clinic helping out)

Marshall: What good is it to be a genius if you can't even go out on a school night? Robo-Dog, options.

Robo-Dog: (Shows the options as he types by translating) No job is too big, no pup is too small.

Chase: Next.

Robo-Dog: (Shows the second options as he types by translating) Create a time capsule. Escape from the future.

Rubble: That'll take too long. Next.

Robo-Dog: (Shows the third options as he types by translating) Build Robo-Dog a female poodle!

Marshall: Robo-Dog, this is serious!

Robo-Dog: (Shows the fourth option as he types it in by translating) Sneak out.

Marshall: That's it. Barbaric problems call for barbaric solutions. Phone please. (Robo-Dog hands out the phone from his left ear as he calls out Wally the Walrus) Wally, it's me, Marshall. You get permission? Me neither. It turns out humans don't understand psychology. Tell Chompy and all the other animals of Adventure Bay to meet us at Adventure Bay Theme Park in one hour per night. We're sneakin' out. (Cut to Ryder, Katie and Alex helping out Mr. Porter sorting out the groceries filled with fruits and vegetables)

Katie: Pups are awfully quiet up there, Ryder. Do you think I went a little too tough?

Ryder: No. I don't think so, Katie. No.

Katie: Maybe I should check on them.

Alex: Now, now. I'm sure the Paw Patrol's just reflecting on the error of their ways. Dealing with it in a mature, responsible manner. (Cut back to the Paw Patrol inside the Vet Clinic)

Marshall: Mom says you're grounded. Take that! (Zaps with his shrink ray remote zapping the yarn ball to it's Ant Size)

Rocky: It's working now. Don't lose it, reuse it.

Chase: OK, Robo-Dog. You know what to do.

Robo-Dog: [Bark, bark!]

Rubble: Good boy. (The Paw Patrol gathered round as Marshall uses his shrink ray remote on themselves to Ant Size)

Tiny Marshall: See you later, Robo-Dog! (The Shrink Ray remote comes down on top of the Tiny Paw Patrol)

Robo-Dog: [Bark, bark, bark!] (Gets to work on the Vet Clinic while the Tiny Paw Patrol carries their shrink remote all the way toward outside)

Ryder: The Paw Patrol are such good pups now. Don't you worry, Katie.

Katie: I suppose you're right.

Alex: Yeah, sure.

Ryder: I remember since I first come up with the name Paw Patrol. Need some six starter pups to do their jobs on adventure bay. Whenever there's a problem, Me and my team of pups will come and save the day. (The Tiny Paw Patrol Accidentally drops the shrink ray remote on Ryder's foot then Ryder picked it up and accidentally presses the Ant Size button as it shoots it out near the truck)

Katie: Well, what did you do?

Ryder: Actually, I snuck out. (Presses the button on the shrink ray remote to normal size but accidentally points to the shrink ray remote toward Alex Porter shrinking him to Ant Size)

Tiny Alex: You don't think the Paw Patrol... (Ryder presses the button to human size making Alex big again)

Ryder: No, no. Besides, how's the Paw Patrol gonna sneak out? It's not like they can just walk right out the front door. (Kicks the Tiny Paw Patrol right out of the street)

Katie: That's true.

Tiny Paw Patrol: Oof. (Then they catch their shrink ray remote with their paws)

Tiny Chase: That'd worked!

Tiny Rubble: Ryder, Katie and Alex don't see or hear us.

Tiny Zuma: We're sneaky just like the Catastrophe Crew.

Tiny Rocky: There's nothing like sneaking out of the Vet Clinic.

Tiny Skye: Come on! Let's get going shall we?

Tiny Everest: Yeah! (They'd picked up the shrink ray remote and walked toward the Adventure Bay Theme Park which is very far away)

Tiny Marshall: Adventure Bay Theme Park here we come! (Now we cut to Cali doing the Pup Fu stances by balance while holding her can of purple flurp while Mandy the Monkey listens to the cellphone)

Cali: Mandy, you're breaking my concentration.

Mandy: Hey, I gotta choose a ring that fits my personality. (Chooses her theme to her cellphone which is the Paw Patrol theme music) Yeah! (Dances) Here we go! Here we go! Tell me what it is you're supposed to be doing again.

Cali: Pup Fu! Just like the Paw Patrol does while drinking purple flurp. (Drinks the can of purple flurp) Pup Fu promotes wellness, relaxes and rejuvenates the body... where as purple flurp... (Throws the can of Purple Flurp right toward the wall and then catches it into her paw) being one per cent sugar, creates tension and a temporary rush of energy and mood swings. I figure if I do them together, (Drinks her can of purple flurp then puts it on her head) I achieve perfect balance. (Balances but then falls down and off comes the purple flurp right off her head) Meow! (Laughs nervously. Then we cut to the Paw Patrol, Wally, Chompy, Bettina the Cow, Garbie the Goat, Marley the Lamb, Gilda the Elephant and Chickaletta looking at the place called Adventure Bay Theme Park at night time)

Bettina: Mooootiful.

Gilda: Incredible.

Wally: It's better than the poster.

Chickaletta: Bawk bawwwwwk!

Marshall: Animal friends, this will be a night we shan't easily forget.

Chompy: I don't know what "shan't" means but let's go! (All Animals and the Paw Patrol ran toward the entrance of the Adventure Bay Theme Park as the music sound track "Pop by Nsync" plays as they all looked around the rides they can try on. First they got on the teacup ride as they all spin around and around and around. Then we cut to the Paw Patrol riding on the rail cart on the wares looking all the way down the view from here. Then the camera pans down all the way to Chompy who saw Superman along with his pet Super Pup)

Superman: Do you promise to use your powers for good and not evil?

Chompy: Yes. Yes Superman!

Superman: Now, Counterpart, take this Super Mask and Cape and lead the fight for justice. (Hands the super mask and cape to Chompy as he faints) Is this beaver with anyone? (Then the Paw Patrol saw Wally the Walrus about to touch the llama)

Skye: Go, Wally!

Wally: (Is about to touch the llama and realized he touched it with his flipper) Wheeee! (Laughs dumb as he now wears the "I touched the Llama" button we now cut to The Paw Patrol all the animals heading toward the monster cave ride)

Chompy: Now that's what I call a ride! Let's go! (The Animals and the Paw Patrol do so as they all ride on the monster cart ride inside the cave as they all hang on)

Skye: Wheeeeeeeee! Yeah!

Chompy: This is way beyond awesome!!!

Cat Marshall, Cat Rocky, Cat Rubble, Cat Zuma, Cat Skye: (Laughs sinisterly)

Cat Chase: Just think if you boneheaded dweebs had listened to your leader Ryder, you'd be home in bed instead of riding this monster.

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Everest and Chompy: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Chompy: Oh man, okay! (The soundtrack ends as we cut to Mayor Goodway and Mr. Porter heading to the Adventure Bay Vet Clinic)

Mr. Porter: I tell you, the pups are fine!

Mayor Goodway: Just a quick peek, Mr. Porter. (She and Mr. Porter checked on the seven pups) There. Now, what did I tell you? Paw Patrol, are you awake, pups?

Robo-Dog: (Marshall's Voice) Yes, Mayor Goodway. I'm awake.

Mr. Porter: Pups, Mayor Goodway and I just wanted to say good night.

Mayor Goodway: Yes. And to tell you that we love you.

Robo-Dog: (Covers himself with a blanket)

Mayor Goodway: Honey, I know you're upset. We don't like to punish you. You're such a special pups. (Then we cut to the Paw Patrol lookout where we see that everything is empty and the Cat eating plant sleeping then we heard an alert coming toward the screen as the alert goes on 10 times then we cut to the ghost space ship heading toward the earth while exiting the space atmosphere and finally we cut back to Katie reading the Paw Patrol manual along with Alex and Ryder)

Katie: According to this, we should encourage the Paw Patrol without overindulging them.

Ryder: OK. What does it say about, treats?

Alex: What does it say about starting slow and steady? (They heard a knocking sound)

Katie: Oh. Is there someone in the lookout?

Ryder: Our lookout? I didn't hear anything. (Katie points to where the Lookout is and Ryder and Alex go to the Lookout) Katie, did you leave the green light on? (When they got inside the lookout he searches for the Paw Patrol) Paw Patrol?

Alex: Paw Patrol?

7 Green Ghosts: ....... (Looks at Ryder and Alex)

Ryder: You're not my pups! (The Green Light captured Ryder and Alex)


Katie: (Woke up) Ryder? (Got inside the lookout) Ryder, are you alright? Ryder? (The Green Light captured her too) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (The Green Ghost leaves out a fake note by stamping it as the music The Alien Invasion Invasion of Humans from Adventure Bay music begins with all the ghost ships entering and capturing every human in adventure bay by the green lights of theirs capturing the statue of Grover Goodway then we head on to Ryder, Katie and Alex Porter taking all the way up to the ghost ship by the green light. Then we cut to all the ghost ships hitting the green light on every human around Adventure Bay with every human screaming)

Farmer Al and Farmer Yumi: Aaaaaah!

Precious Owner's Mom and Precious' Owner: Aaaaaah!

Cap'n Turbot and Francois Turbot: Aaaaaaah!

Jake: Whooooah!

All Goodways: Eeeeeeeee! (Every residents in Adventure Bay are in the green light being captured by the ghost ships then we cut back to where the ship has captured Ryder, Katie and Alex Porter as the ship closes on them from the inside and so does the rest of the ghost ships as they all blasted off and headed out into outer space by going back into the atmosphere. Then we faded back to the Paw Patrol and the rest of the animals headed back to Adventure Bay)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Ha ha ha ha ha! [Skye: Yeah!]

Chompy: Wasn't that cool dude?

Wally: Yeah! That was great!

Marley: Mind blending!

Bettina: Yeah!

Marley: Hey! My pants is almost drrrrrrrry.

Wally: Hey, Paw Patrol, I never thought I'd say this. But here goes. You know what? Those Kitten Catastrophe Crew aren't such bad cats.

Chompy: Are you kidding? They're geniuses.

Wally: They're geniuses! No Offense, Paw Patrol.

Marshall: None taken.

Chase: Actually, I find his insights on how to deal with Ryder's refreshing.

Wally: Yeah. Wouldn't it be great if our folks all disappeared for a while?

Skye: Yeah!

Wally: Hey a shooting star! (The animals and the Paw Patrol saw the shooting star from the sky)

Chompy: Cool. You get to make a wish! Lucky.

Chickaletta: Ba GAWK!!

Bettina: What should I wish for?

Marshall: You know what we'd wish for. We'd wish for no more humans. That way animals get to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted here in Adventure Bay. We'd be free. We could have fun all the time.

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Yeah!!!!! (They all held their paws up to the sky as we cut back to adventure bay with them as the Paw Patrol sleeping in their beds the next morning when the alarm goes off)

Alarm Clock: Liftoff in five, four, three, two... We have liftoff.

Marshall: Abort Mission. Abort Mission. (Presses the Alarm Clock by turning it off) Robo-Dog, wake mode. (Robo-Dog does so as he woke up)

Everest: Alright. Come on, you guys. Race you to the lookout!

Skye: Who's a show-off now?

Everest: Beat ya! (Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma and Skye laughed)

Marshall: Hey, Ryder! Got anymore of those granola bars? ... Ryder?

Everest: Ryder!?!

Skye: Ryder?

Chase: (Picks up Ryder's Pup Pad) Ryder wouldn't go anywhere without his pup pad.

Zuma: Uh... guys, you better take a look at this. Someone left a note.

Rocky: A note. Let see what it says.

Rubble: (Reads the note) "Dear, Paw Patrol. We have gone to Beverly Hills for a extended vacation. Your leader, Ryder".

Wally: "Love Captain Turbot". (The note lets the scene cuts to the outside of Adventure Bay)

Chompy: Yeah. My owner Farmer Yumi lives in Beverly Hills too.

Marshall: That's weird. (Every animal in Adventure Bay looks around for every humans who have disappeared into thin air while holding their notes into their hooves, paws, wings and claws) From the looks of it, I'd say a lot of humans are gone.

Rubble: Well... Did...?

Wally: Did they all go to Beverly Hills?

Chompy: Maybe they went to get juice.

Wally: I don't digest pulp well. It makes me bloaty.

Chase: Strange. Robo-Dog, scan for human life forms. (Robo-Dog does so as he activates the radar for any humans in Adventure Bay but it somehow had 0 humans) Just as I thought. They are absolutely no humans anywhere within radar.

Marshall: They're gone. The whole city! The whole town! No humans.

Wally: No humans. (Every animal in Adventure Bay realized that there are no humans here and then they get excited and started to have fun)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Everest and all animals: (Gasps happily) NO HUMANS!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! (All the animals and the Paw Patrol started to play around in Adventure Bay as the music soundtrack "Blitzkrieg Bop" plays.)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Excuse us!

Pop up Penguins: We're letting out the cold! (Honks)

Chompy: I'm peeing in the shower!

Wally: (Riding on the llama outside) Whee. Llama llama llama! (The Kitten Catastrophe Crew opens up the Adventure Bay Arcade for all the animals to play)

Sylvia: I'm walking up the down escalator.

Skunk: (Singing and dancing) My clothes don't match my clothes don't match I'm out in public and my clothes don't match! (Cut to the Paw Patrol playing a prank on Cali as Rocky knocks on the door on Katie's Vet Clinic. Then Cali opens the door and saw a flower pot which says to Cali from the Kitten Catastrophe Crew but the flower pot reveals to be a Cat eating plant who was about to eat Cali)

Cat Eating Plant: (Roars)

Cali: MEOOOOOOOOW!!! (Runs back in the Vet Clinic but the cat eating plant missed her and the Paw Patrol and the Cat Eating Plant laughed. Cut back to Chompy peeing in the shower)

Chompy: I'm still doing it! Go. Go. Go. (Cut to all the animals in Adventure Bay heading toward the adventure bay circus which is really a candy bar)

Ellie: Welcome to the Candy Bar. Whoopee cushion or non-whoopee cushion? (All the animals play on whoopee cushion and so does the Paw Patrol. Then Walinda the Walrus came to the Paw Patrol, Wally and Chompy)

Walinda: What will it be, kids? (Wally got hit in the face by banana cream pie from Cat Rocky)

Cat Rocky: (Sinister laughing)

Wally: We'll have what he's throwing.

Walinda: Excellent Choice! (Throws lots of banana cream pies at Chompy and the Paw Patrol's faces)

The Piglets: Pie fight!!! (All the animals do so. Then we cut to the Baby Whale spraying a lot of water all around Adventure Bay City Hall with Mandy water skiing and Cali hanging onto the wire attached to the water ski)

Mandy: Hang on! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Cali: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Tiny Mayor Humdinger: Hey! No water skiing in City Hall! (Then the Queen Bee appeared right in front of him) Whah! Don't make me get the protractor. (Then we cut to the outside part of the Adventure Bay where Chase hangs the flag with a picture of animals hanged up on the flag pole taking the wind to blow at. Then at night time where they all make a mess with a whole lot of food and dancing to the music by doing the pup pup boogie and the fireworks came as all the animals get to have fun whenever they want as the music soundtrack ends by blinking to black. But the next morning... We cut to Robo-Dog sniffing out to what happen then looks at the camera near the screen and licks it revealing somebody to wake up. It was Marshall.)

Marshall: Morning, Robo-Dog. My head. What a night.

Rubble: (Woke up and hurt his paw) I hurt my paw... again.

Chase: Tell me about it. I've got a toothache.

Rocky: I think I've gotten all wet.

Zuma: Ouch. My leg.

Skye: I'm all limping from all that flipping.

Everest: What else is new?

Wally: I'm stuffed now. I couldn't have ano... OK, one more. I'm gonna have one more and then that'll be it.

Chompy: What a battle. Are there any survivors? (Falls into the pile of popcorn) Help me. (Then the Paw Patrol slowly walked back to the lookout passing by the Kitten Catastrophe Crew)

Cat Marshall: We remember our first time.

Cat Chase: Shake it off, Paw Patrol.

Marshall: We've gotta get home. Ryder might be back by now.

Chase: Come on, Robo-Dog. (The Paw Patrol and Robo-Dog headed back to the lookout before they saw something on television)

Precious' Brother: We interrupt this programme to bring you this report. (Fuzzy plays with the news camera) Hey, knock it off, Fuzzy! "Trouble in Paradise." That's what some animals are saying in the aftermath of yesterday's "Humans are gone" celebrations. (Falls off then landed on four legs) Hey, here's Bessie Cow! (Cut to Bessie Cow on news camera telling the rest of the story)

Bessie: What started as an awesome day has become, like a real bummer.

The Piglets: Help us!

Unnamed Black Cat: I don't know how to make lunch!!!

Unnamed Gray Cat: I want my owner!!!

Unnamed Brown Cat: Somebody hold me!!!

Unnamed Baby Deer: I was playing on the teeter totter and the next thing I knew I was on the ground and my knee hurt. (Cries)

Bessie: Reports of tummy aches, owies and constipation have reached epidemic numbers over the past few hours, with little indication of slowing down.

Bunny: And so we were gonna see who could eat the most cotton candy. And I won. I want my owner. (Burps)

Bessie: So... there you have it. (Then gets sad) I want my owner too! (Cries loudly. Then we cut back to the Paw Patrol and Robo-Dog heading back to the Lookout looking for Ryder, Katie and Alex Porter)

Marshall: Ryder? Katie? Alex? (They soon realized that they saw a picture of them and their team leader Ryder in their standard formation in Adventure Bay)

Chase: What kind of a team leader take off and leaves their pups? (The Paw Patrol sat down on their mats in the T.V. room)

Skye: And they didn't even say goodbye.

Zuma: (Sighs) What does Mr. Porter and Mayor Goodway say? (Robo-Dog plays the video cam he recorded to what Mr. Porter and Mayor Goodway say with the video cam in his mouth)

Mr. Porter: Pups, Mayor Goodway and I just wanted to say good night.

Mayor Goodway: Yes and to tell that we love you. (Robo-Dog skips the part to what comes next)

Mr. Porter: We only do what we do because we love you.

Mayor Goodway: Maybe we can all go to Adventure Bay Theme Park next weekend, the nine of us.

Robo-Dog: (In Chase's Voice) What about our team leader... Ryder?

Mr. Porter: Sure. And your fabulous team leader Ryder too. Well good night, pups.

Mayor Goodway: Good night, Paw Patrol. Sweet dreams. We'll see you in the morning. (Leaves and then closes the door. Then the video cam ends with Robo-Dog closing his mouth)

Rocky: OK. So they say good night. (Then the Paw Patrol realized something)

Marshall: In the morning!?! Wait a minute! (To Robo-Dog) Play back that last part again. Audio only.

Robo-Dog: (Mayor Goodway's voice) Good night, Paw Patrol. Sweet dreams. We'll see you in the morning.

Rubble: There!

Chase: Why would she say that if they weren't gonna be here?

Marshall: Come on, Robo-Dog we're going to the elevator!

Everest: To the lookout! (The Paw Patrol took the elevator as it closes on them from the inside by going all the way up to the lookout and check everything starting with notes)

Zuma: It's just as we thought.

Chase: The serifs and kerning on the note don't match Ryder's handwriting. This note's a fake.

Rubble: Fake notes?

Skye and Everest: Fake notes? (Then Robo-Dog detected something on the screen part of the lookout)

Robo-Dog: [Bark, Bark!]

Marshall: What is it, boy?

Rocky: The Long-Range Space Scanner. It detected something.

Zuma: Chase, Ryder's Pup Pad stat!

Chase: Chase is on the case! (Pulls out Ryder's pup pad and presses the button revealing to what happened in Adventure Bay)

Everest: OK so here's Ryder, Katie and Alex Porter. Yes. Then every human we know in Adventure Bay is at night time. Good. And what happens next?

Skye: Somehow they and all the humans have been captured by some ghost space ship thing all of a sudden.

Rubble: Filtering out background radiation and... There it is.

Marshall: Jumping Jupiter! Adventure Bay's been visited by...

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: GHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST!!! (Now we cut to the outside world of Adventure Bay at night time and Precious Cat asked a question)

Precious: OK, so me, you and a Robo-Dog are gonna battle some ghost from the netherworld, right? By ourselves?

Marshall: He's a good Robo-Dog. Aren't you boy?

Robo-Dog: [Bark, Bark!]

Precious: The last time you pups tried this, you couldn't even break free of the atmosphere.

Rocky: I know, I know. But I recalculated the thrust-to-fuel ratio and I've adjusted the engine accordingly. (The rocket ship fell apart again) I can fix that.

Kitten Catastrophe Crew: Paw Patrol! (They and all the animals formed a mob by dragging Wally the Walrus and Chompy the Beaver into the crowd by approaching toward Precious and the Paw Patrol)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: (Gasps and ran)

Precious: What is it?

Marshall: An Angry Mob!

Precious: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Joins the Paw Patrol by running and hiding behind the Lookout)

Skye: In times of crisis, intellectuals are always the first to go.

Precious: Well, they don't look angry. They look like they're about to barf.

Chompy: Let me go. You're messing with powers far beyond your mortal comprehension.

Cat Chase: OK, Paw Patrol. Super Beaver here says you really know what happened to our humans!

Chompy: Hey, how you doin'? I didn't say nothin' about our humans being abducted... (Got hit in the head by Cat Rubble)

Cali: Where's my owner Katie!?!

Eunice: Hey, what's the matter?

Marshall: Everyone! Settle Down! We could explain everything! (All the animals settle down and listened to what Marshall said)

Chase: Robo-Dog, Star map please! (Robo-Dog activates the star map to where humans from Adventure Bay are being captived)

Marshall: Right about... there. (Points to where the humans from Adventure Bay are being captived in Pac-World/Netherworld)

Rubble: Long-range sensors picked up these ion trails, indicating the route for whatever intelligence abducted our humans.

Skye: They lead us somewhere in the Orion star system three million light years away, so we'll need to leave by Friday.

Zuma: OK, that gives us about two days to collect the plutonium, design and test our fusion engines and build our fleet of interstellar warships.

Everest: We'll also need to bring snacks.

Marshall: Any questions?

All the animals: ........

Cat Zuma: Are you sure about this, Paw Patrol?

Rocky: Well, the data seems to support this hypothesis.

Wally: (Reads the paper) "Never argue with the data".

Chase: Hmm... But our animal rescue team is gonna need a name in case we need to rescue all the humans.

Little Hootie: How about the Justice Animal Force 51?

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: (Shook their heads no)

Fuzzy: Squeaky ducks? (The Paw Patrol shook their heads no)

Cali: (Thinks then gets and idea for their team) I've got it! How about... "The Animal Scout Patrol"!

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Yeaaaaaaaah!!!

Cat Marshall: Okay, Paw Patrol. Here's the lowdown. You get us to those kidnapping ghostly scuzzballs. And we... The Kitten Catastrophe Crew will take it from there. We're getting our humans back!

All the animals: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (All the animals of Adventure Bay got to work on building and testing their fusion engines and build their fleet of interstellar warships from the Adventure Bay Theme Park which ever ride they choose to test it on as the new soundtrack music "Go Paw Patrol" by Aron Carter plays)

Marshall: OK, Matea. That's good. Let it down slow.

Everest: Two more turns, Penguins! Not too tight.

Rocky: Yup. Tape adhesion is within operational limits. Don't lose it reuse... What? (Saw Cali and Mandy fixed the intergalactic spaceship which now has flowers and drills and pictures of Cali all over) Cali! What did you do to the intergalactic spaceship!?

Cali: We thought that the deep recesses of space could use a feminine touch.

Mandy: What do you think, Rocky?

Rocky: Yeah it's OK I guess. You kinda ruined it though.

Chompy: Hey, Chase, do these fusion reactors need fuel rods?

Chase: Come on, Chompy. It's not rocket science. You just have to... Actually I guess it is rocket science. No fuel rods, Chompy.

Chompy: OK. (Throws the fuel rods away as it exploded with a boom)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: (Putting their rides together to form a megazord of their own)

Marshall: And now for the final touch... (Puts Ryder's badge on the megazord)

Zuma: What should we call our megazord?

Skye: Well, Ryder has ATV on our Lookout. Let's call our Megazord... "The Ultra ATV Exterminator"!

Everest: Perfect! (Now The Paw Patrol got on stage and told all the animals of Adventure Bay by saying good job)

Chase: Good work, everybody. We're ready for intergalactic travel.

Cat Skye: Paw Patrol, this is gonna work, right?

Cali: Yeah, Paw Patrol what if it doesn't work?

Rubble: It will work!

Marshall: We're 100% sure it will.

Penguin: Question. Since when do we call ourselves the Animal Scouting Patrol?

Smiley: And how are we going to get into the atmosphere?

Jumpy Jumper: And the other five per cent?

All the animals: Yeah.

Skye: We blow up. (All the animals gasps)

Marshall: But just a little. But look... it might be 95% right but it's still an A.

Cat Rubble: Yeah, I can deal with that. We never got a 95 in our life.

Cali: You heard the Kittens! Stop sucking your thumbs and let's light this candle!

All the animals: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! (So all the animals of Adventure Bay suited up and got on their rides they've just built and the Paw Patrol and Robo-Dog got on their Ultra ATV Exterminator)

Marshall: Robo-Dog, initiate launch sequence.

Robo-Dog: Make sure seat belts are fastened and remember to keep your hands and arms inside the vehicles at all times.

Chase: Alright! The Animal Scout Patrol is on the roll!!! (Slips the quarter in as their megazord took off by flight shooting out rocket fuels from it's feet. The new music soundtrack "Go Go Power Rangers" plays by the Power Rangers Orchestra. Then the rest of the ships from the Adventure Bay Theme Park with all the animals on board took as well and gone in the flash by following the ultra ATV Exterminator)

All the Animals and the Paw Patrol: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! [Skye: Yeah!] (Laughed as they all rocketed up to the atmosphere)

Marshall: Come on, everybody. Get in formation. Gilda, you're too heavy!

Gilda: Come on you stupid peanut ride!! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah!!!

Chompy: Go, Counterparts! Go!

Chase: Hang on. We're passing through the stratosphere. Now the mesosphere. Entering ionosphere.

Zuma: Now I know why they all end in "phere"!

Marshall: This is it, baby. Engaging pulse rockets now. (They all do so until they all empty their fuels)

All the Animals: Whooooooooah!! [Cali: Marshall! Rocky: Not again!]

Marshall: Come on, come on, come on, come on. (They restarted the fuels and their ships all flew to the atmosphere and headed to the galaxy and the whole universe)

All the Animals: Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!! (Now the whole team of Animal Scout Patrol is about to head for the stars as the music soundtrack ends. Then we cut to the whole universe where the Paw Patrol and their team of animals heading for where they want to go while in space)

Chase: Look, Robo-Dog! The wonders of the universe.

Rubble: We are witnessing celestial events no animals, or robo dog, has ever seen.

Cali: It's incredible. (Long silent as the she and the Paw Patrol looked at each other smiling cute)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: (Sighs happily)

Cali: (Sighs with a meow) Beautiful, isn't it, Kitties?

Cat Rocky: Yeah yeah. Wake us when we get there.

Turtle: Hey, Paw Patrol! D'you think we can rotate shifts after a while?

Seagull: Hey, We'll switch!

Wally: (Eats the toothpaste by squirt it into his mouth) Hey, this astronaut food isn't too bad.

Zuma: That's toothpaste, Wally.

Wally: Oh... Minty. (Then they are headed toward the meteor shower as it knocks the toothpaste out of Wally's flipper) Hey! What's happening!?!?!

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Meteor Shower!!!

All the Animals: (Panicked as they dodged every meteor they headed toward)

Marshall: Evasive action! (Robo-Dog took shelter from the meteor shower by activating the umbrella from the top of his head)

Chompy: I do so relish these times of peril. (Gets hit by some meteors) Whoa! ooh! Eeee!

The Bunnies: Whoooooooooooooooooooooah!!!

The Turtles: Whooooooooooooooooooooooah!!!

The Penguins: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Cali and Mandy: (Dodges every meteor they see) Phew!

Cali: That was close!

Mandy: (Gasps) Look out!

Cali: Whoah!?! (She activates the drill run button as the drill drills through the giant meteor breaking it)

Cali and Mandy: Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Zuma: We've gotta find shelter.

Rocky: Asteroid bearing 50 degrees fair and height and landing!

Marshall: Come on! (They all released their landing gears as their ships landed on the asteroid moon as they are about to camp out and rest for the night while still in space. While camping out in front of the fire, The Kitten Catastrophe Crew told a scary story in front of all other animals)

Cat Chase: So then these three filmmakers find all these sticks in the trees shaped like stick people. And the girl filmmaker starts crying and her nose starts dripping. And they don't have any tissue at all.

Chompy: None?

Cat Rocky: None.

Cat Zuma: So then they start to hear really scary noises and voices coming from outside. So they leave the tent.

Precious: Don't leave the tent! Don't leave the tent!

Cat Rubble: Oh, yeah, Precious. They leave the tent and they follow the voices, when from out of the darkness comes the... (Bat making scary noises and all the animals screamed and Chompy faded from that scary story the Kitten Catastrophe Crew just told)

Cat Marshall: (High fives Cat Rubble) Man, that was so choice. (To all the animals in Adventure Bay) You should have seen your faces.

Chase: Did they really leave the tent, Kitten? (Now we cut to the Paw Patrol and the other small animals camping out from under the stars while the other big animals sleep under the tents)

Marshall: Hey, there's a red giant. And that's a white dwarf.

Cat Skye: You can relate huh, Paw Patrol?

Skye: Hey, Marshall, what's the matter?

Marshall: Listen, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly the tallest pup around. Shorty, squirt, small-stuff, shrimp.

Rubble: If it gets to you after a while.

Zuma: And the next year they'll be dances.

Marshall: What kitten'd dance with a pup who looks like he should still be in Jamboree?

Chase: I didn't think we liked kittens yet, Marshall.

Marshall: ...... Oh. We don't. We don't. No. Eeeyuck!! Not yet no.

Rocky: However, one day, Chase, an influx of hormones we can't control will overpower our better judgment and drive us to pursue the kitten species against our will.

Chase: But I'm allergic to kittens! They make me sneeze! Aaaaaaaaachoo!

Precious: Stop talking like that, Chase. You're gonna give me nightmares.

Everest: Listen I wouldn't worry, Precious. I have a feeling puberty is light years away for you and me. (Then they all lay down seeing all the stars)

Precious: You know, we never should have wished on that star, Paw Patrol. Cause... we missed the folks.

Chickaletta: Ba GERK!

Skye: Aww... You missed Mayor Goodway do you, Chickaletta?

Chickaletta: Ba GERK.

Mandy: My owner Carlos used to tuck me in bed every night before he was abducted by ghost.

Chompy: Before Farmer Yumi was abducted by ghost, she would always read me to sleep.

Precious: Before my owner was inducted by ghost, she would rub my tummy and she sing'd... Na ne na ne na ne... (The lullaby song causes the Kitten Catastrophe Crew to wake up)

Cat Marshall, Cat Rubble, Cat Chase, Cat Rocky, Cat Zuma and Cat Skye: WHAT?

Precious: Nothing.

Marshall: Come on, you guys. We gotta keep our heads. (Robo-Dog sleeps aside with the Paw Patrol and sounded asleep) We'll find them. (They all went to sleep as we zoom out of the asteroid. We fade back to the Paw Patrol and their team of Animal Scout Patrol riding on their rides once again as they are about to head to the place called Pac-World)

Robo-Dog: [Bark, bark, bark!]

Marshall: What is it, Boy? (Robo-Dog points to Pac-World the dog way)

Chase: Sensor sweeps reveal many advanced cities and... ion energy signatures. That's it!

Skye: We've found it! I repeat; We've found it!

Everest: Kitten Catastrophe Crew! We'll contact you as soon as we find our humans so you can kicks some ghost buttocks.

Cat Rocky: Piece of cake.

Marshall: Okay, Animal Scout Patrol... Follow us! (The Paw Patrol leads the animals of adventure bay all the way to Pac-World)

Cali: We'll be back, Kitten Catastrophe Crew! (Now we cut to the place called Pac-World as the Paw Patrol and all the other animals in Adventure Bay looked around)

Mandy: Wow. What is that? (The Music Soundtrack "AC's Alien Nation" plays as the Pac Worlders are living peacefully in the city. Then we see the president with the security guards writing the ticket for the ghost who got splatted as they could see it's eyes. And the Paw Patrol and the other animals from Adventure Bay walked toward the maze where the netherworld is)

Chompy: Wow. They've evolved beyond the need for mere conventional bodies.

Zuma: They must be an advanced species millions of years ahead of us.

Chase: Wow. When I sneeze, it looks like an advanced species, too.

Skye, Everest, Cali and Mandy: (Looked at each other) Ewwwww!!!

Robo-Dog: [Bark, Bark!] (Points to where the humans are being captive inside the netherworld)

Marshall: OK, they're this way. (Cut to the place called the netherworld where the human residents of Adventure Bay are being controlled as robots by marching, standing and lining up like soldiers while wearing alien mind controlling devices on their heads)

Buttler: Right this way, sir. (He leads Lord Betrayus and Dr. Buttocks back inside the netherworld seeing all the human residents from Adventure Bay they've captured)

Lord Betrayus: Buttocks, these humans look very scrawny. Hardly very appetizing. Are you sure they're yummy?

Dr. Buttocks: I assure you, my slimy sovereign. Pac-Dragon will be so pleased.

Lord Betrayus: Humans are mostly water with a crunchy, bony centre.

Buttler: Think nuts and chews. (The Paw Patrol, Robo-Dog and the animals from Adventure Bay saw all the human residents of Adventure Bay which they have found)

Marshall: There they are!

Skye: We've found them!

Everest: What are they doing?

Cali: What are those goofy looking things on their heads?

Chase: It looks like... a mind-control device.

Rubble: Look! They've got Ryder!

Zuma: And Alex and Katie.

Rocky: Ryder! Ryder!

Marshall: Ryder! It's me, Marshall! Over here!

Ryder: (Yawns) Pups? Is that you? (Sneaks out of the army of human residents with mind control device on their heads) Hey, Pups. Some dream huh? Attack of the floating ghost. I think I've seen this one before.

Marshall: No, Ryder. You're wearing a mind control device. Take yours off. Hurry!

Ryder: Whoa! (Looks at his mind control device on his head as he slowly takes it off of his head with his hands)

Marshall: That's it! That's it! Easy now. Easy!

Rubble: Now throw it into the ground. (Ryder throws his mind control device on the ground)

Ryder: Phew. Thanks for coming to get me, Pups. I thought I was going to be controlled by some ghost that I just saw from the Lookout.

Chase: Ohh. I almost forgot. Ryder, your Pup Pad. (Hands the Pup Pad back to Ryder)

Ryder: My pup pad! I've must've dropped it after being abducted by ghost space ships.

Everest: So that's what happened to you.

Skye: Now let's get the others out of here before they notice we're here.

Marshall: I got Mr. Porter. (Tries to get Mr. Porter by taking the Mind-Control Device off but he accidentally pulls the string as Mr. Porter turns his head around and spotted the Paw Patrol, Ryder and all the animals from Adventure Bay)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: (Gasps)

Mr. Porter: Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

Zuma: No, no, no, no. Shh.

Mr. Porter: Quack quack quack quack quack quack!!!

Chompy: Ryder, Mr. Porter's like a mind control duck man!

Ryder: Let's get outta here!

Cali: Let's go! (Ryder, The Paw Patrol, Robo-Dog and all the animals from Adventure Bay ran by getting out of here)

Mr. Porter: Come back! Join us, Ryder! Join us! (Then they have been surrounded by ghost from the netherworld while being trapped all around in a circle. The ghosts took Ryder, The Paw Patrol and all the animals from Adventure Bay all the way toward their leader Lord Betrayus sitting on a throne along side Dr. Buttocks and Buttler)

Lord Betrayus: Well, well, if it isn't the littlest rescue party. How cute. Hello itty bitty animals.

Cali: You let us go, you big ball of phlegm.

Dr. Buttocks: That's no way to talk to Lord Betrayus. He's the royal phlegm!

Lord Betrayus: Buttocks!

Dr. Buttocks: Sorry, Betrayus.

Marshall: I think it's only fair to warn you that if you don't release us within 24 hours, an army of trained combat specialists is poised to destroy your entire planet.

Lord Betrayus: Really?

Marshall: Really.

Lord Betrayus: Oh, my. Our entire planet. Whatever shall we do? Do you mean this army of trained combat specialists? (The ghost army brings in more prisoners like the Kitten Catastrophe Crew and all other big animals)

Chompy: Hey it's the Kittens! Hey, Kittens! Over here! Oh man.

Cali: Kitties!!

Cat Chase: Get your ghostly hands off of our bushy tails, eggheads! (The Ghosts slimed the Kitten Catastrophe Crew)

Lord Betrayus: Don't look so surprised. We're an advanced ghost from the netherworld.

Buttler: What did you expect?

Mandy: Just what do you want with our humans?

Lord Betrayus: It's not what I want. It's what Pac-Dragon wants.

Ryder: Who's Pac-Dragon?

Dr. Buttocks: Pac-Dragon is our god!

Lord Betrayus: The mightiest, most ferocious creature in all... I get tired of answering this. Roll tape. (The Television rises as Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde are on the air doing the news report)

Blinky: Testing! Testing! Is this thing on?

Pinky: (Sighs) It's on, Blinky!

Blinky: Uh yeah. Thanks Sorry about that, Pinky. Hello and welcome to our special edition of "Pac-Dragon: God of wrath".

Inky: Sponsored by Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. The Pac is Back.

Lord Betrayus: (Sighs) Traitor ghosts. Hated them.

Pinky: Pac-kums, if you're watching this chances of you and your friends and/or relatives are about to be sacrificed to the mighty Pac-Dragon which is a great honour indeed.

Clyde: And very painful.

Pinky: And this year's human sacrifices feature something very special: Actual humans.

Blinky: And it's all thanks to the Paw Patrol.

Marshall: Greetings from Adventure Bay! We're the Paw Patrol and you're the ghosts from the netherworld! (All the animals looked at Ryder and the Paw Patrol as the television news video tape turns off)

Lord Betrayus: You know, without the coordinates you gave us, we never would have found your puny little planet. For such tiny little earthlings, you've been a very big help, Paw Patrol. Guards, throw these minuscule vermin into the dungeon until they're of worthier size, and give these pups the slime of their lives.

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: What? (The Red, Blue and Green Ghosts slimed on them) Ewwwwww!!!

Robo-Dog: [Bark, bark, bark!] (Growls at the red, blue and green ghosts but Lord Betrayus picked him up)

Lord Betrayus: Ooh. Isn't this a funny-wunny little toy? (Robo-Dog bites him in the arm) DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Get it off me! Get it off! Take this infernal thing to the lab and have it torn apart. (Hands Robo-Dog to Dr. Buttocks)

Dr. Buttocks: Yes, great saliva-armed one. (The Ogle ghosts took Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest by grabbing them)

Ogles: Hold it! Move along!

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: ROBO-DOG!!!!!!!!!!

Robo-Dog: [Bark, Bark!]

Ogle: Move! (Now we cut to all the animals of adventure bay in the dungeon)

Cat Marshall: So it was the Paw Patrol, all along.

Cali: I mean, they got us into this mess.

Cat Chase: Hey, Paw Patrol! Didn't Mayor Goodway ever told you not to talk to strangers?

Bettina: That's rule number one.

Mandy: Come on, you guys. Give them a break. The Paw Patrol didn't mean for us to ruin our lives and get our humans eaten by a giant pac-dragon!

Chompy: She's right. We need to ask ourselves. What would Super Beaver do?

Cat Rocky: Let's think about it, Chompy. Maybe sit on the shelf because he's a doll!

Chompy: He's not a doll! He's an action figure! There's a difference!

Mandy: Come on, Kitties. Let Chompy talk. Maybe he's onto something. What would Super Beaver do, Chompy?

Chompy: Well in Adventures of the Super Puppies episode 13 Best Super Puppies seven puppies who are the dog stars who's name were Krypto, Bull Dog, Hot Dog, Tail Terrier, Tusky Husky, Mammoth Mutt and Brainy Barker along with their nanny Snooky Wookums helping a dolphin named Dooley getting married from a Pink Dolphin with a help of Streaky the Super-Cat and Ignatius the Iguana messing with Delilah, Isis and Mechanikat's evil plans. It was cool!

Cat Rubble: Well, I'm convinced, folks, that's pretty much the stupidest thing I ever heard!

Chompy: No. This is the stupidest thing you ever heard. (Talks like crazy and making beaver noises)

Cat Skye: You're such a baby.

Chompy: Why won't you leave me alone!?! You're picking on me because you're insecure. (Cali sneaks away and sees Ryder and the Paw Patrol from the other side of the dungeon)

Cali: Ryder, you there? Don't listen to them. They're just scared. Are you and the pups okay?

Ryder: Yeah. We're fine.

Cali: Don't be so hard on yourselves. We'll get out of this. OK, so you and the pups made a mistake. Beating yourselves up isn't gonna fix everything. You know. I was the smartest cat in adventure bay till you Ryder first created the team of pups. And I admit you know more about some things than I do. But I know one thing that you don't seem to get, and that's that we're never getting outta here without you. So why don't you buck up, pups and put that big brain of yours back to work? The Kitten Catastrophe Crew can handle the fighting stuff, but first we have to get out of this cell.

Ryder: Cali, why are you being so nice to me and the pups?

Cali: Because there's a bunch of animals in here that need you. And I do too.

Wally: I am never complaining about my humans again. (Sees a spider and freaks out a little)

Skye: And we didn't even get our phone call.

Everest: Wait, That's it! Mandy, let me see your cellphone.

Mandy: OK, but I don't think my service plan covers anything outside our solar system. (Hands the cellphone to Everest)

Cali: Who are you calling?

Everest: A friend of ours. (Cut to Robo-Dog being held, layed downed on the bed by Dr. Buttocks)

Dr. Buttocks: All right little earth doggy! I Dr. Buttocks am going to take you apart into tiny little pieces. All right? (Took out the screw drill but Robo-Dog takes it with his robo hand from the inside of his chest) Fine. We'll use this one then. (Took out a screw but Robo-Dog took it with his robo hand from his chest but Dr. Buttocks holds onto it) No, no, no, no, no. No! (Robo-Dog grabs the screw and puts it inside his chest) Would you stop that! Those are mine! (Robo-Dog lets out the robo hand and makes Dr. Buttocks spin around then took out the marker and draws a random silly face of himself. When Dr. Buttocks stops spinning it makes him feel dizzy and Robo-Dog took out a mirror and lets him sees himself that he drew a picture of Ryder's badge and he gasps and wipes it off of his face) That's not funny! And give me my things! (Cut back to Everest trying to call Robo-Dog)

Everest: Come on, Robo-Dog pick up! (Cut back to Dr. Buttocks removing something from Robo-Dog) 

Dr. Buttocks: Good. Good. Perhaps we'll get somewhere. (Robo-Dog started to ring)

Marshall: (Everest let him speaks through the cell phone) Robo-Dog, you're OK? I miss you, too, boy. Listen, what's your situation?

Robo-Dog: (Through the cellphone) [Bark, Bark, Bark!]

Chase: Evil scientist, huh? OK, I've got an idea. Put us pups on speaker! (Just when Dr. Buttocks removes the self-destruct sequence alpha...)

Robo-Dog: (In Chase's Voice) Danger. Danger. You have initiated self-destruct sequence alpha.

Dr. Buttocks: That's my bad. Back in you go.

Robo-Dog: (In Rubble's Voice) Self-destruct sequence is now engaged.

Dr. Buttocks: No, no, no, no, no! I put it back in. You understand me?

Robo-Dog: (In Rocky's Voice) This unit will yield a 100% -megaton nuclear blast in exactly ten seconds.

Dr. Buttocks: That's not good.

Robo-Dog: (In Zuma's Voice) Please clear a 25% -square mile area. Thank you and have a nice day. (In Skye's Voice) Ten, nine, eight...

Dr. Buttocks: No back up!

Robo-Dog: (In Marshall's Voice) ...Seven...

Dr. Buttocks: Mother!!! (Floated away)

Ryder: Is he gone, boy?

Robo-Dog: (Through the cellphone) [Bark, Bark!]

Ryder: Great. Lock on to this signal and get here as fast as you can. (Robo-Dog does so as he escapes Dr. Buttocks' lab and jumps up and flies down slowly that is until he runs into an Ice Ghost guarding the cage with the Paw Patrol and Ryder in it)

Ice Ghost: Halt! Who goes there?

Everest: Ice Ghost!

Skye: He's the guard!

Ice Ghost: By the order of the esteem Lord Betrayus, it is my great privilege and honour to mercilessly exterminate you... By Freezing you.

Marshall: Think. Think. (Gets an idea) Robo-Dog, Play Dead! (Robo-Dog Plays Dead by an explosion which makes Ice Ghost scream and crashes into the wall by a splat and making the cage wall fall down making it open the hatch. Then Robo-Dog fixed himself up by rebuilding himself and activates by turning himself on)

Robo-Dog: [Bark, bark!]

Marshall: Good boy, Robo-Dog, good boy! Guess I'll make that bug a feature, huh?

Wally: Good dog!

Chompy: Way a go!

Cali: You're a good robot!

Ryder: Come on! Let's go get the animals! No job is too big, no pup is too small! Let's go, Pups!

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Yeeeaaah! Arf arf awhoooooooh!!! (They freed the animals of Adventure Bay by pulling the lever opening the cage as they all go out of the dungeon)

Mandy: Nice work, pups!

Marshall: Hey, Cali. Thanks.

Cali: If you ever tell anyone I was nice to you pups, you'll wind up looking like that guy. (Points to the splattered Ice Ghost on the ground)

Cat Chase: Let's go, Paw Patrol! It's ghost busting time!!!

Marshall: I'm fired up! (Runs out of the dungeon)

Rubble: Here's come Rubble on the double! (Runs out of the dungeon)

Chase: Chase is on the case! (Runs out of the dungeon)

Rocky: Green means go! (Runs out of the dungeon)

Zuma: Let's Dive in! (Runs out of the dungeon)

Skye: This pup's gotta fly! (Runs out of the dungeon)

Everest: Ice or snow I'm ready to go! (Runs out of the dungeon)

Cali: Wait for me, Kitties! (Runs out of the dungeon by following the Paw Patrol and Ryder)

Ice Ghost: Come back! ... Please? (Then we cut to the place called netherworld stadium where we see a really big Giant Egg on the stadium and every crowd of Ghost is waiting for it to hatch while sitting on their seats and Lord Betrayus sitting on the throne along side Dr. Buttocks and Buttler)

Lord Betrayus: Bring out the humans! (The ship is coming to a landing with every single human from Adventure Bay on board and Seymour took the remote control and control all the humans from Adventure Bay while wearing mind control helmets)

Seymour: Come on, it's showtime. Everybody out. (The Human Residents of Adventure Bay with mind control devices get out of the ship while being controlled by Seymour and his remote control leading them all the way to the really big giant egg where Lord Betrayus, Dr. Buttocks and Buttler are near here)

Lord Betrayus: Kick it! (The lights are on all the human residents for a stage show as Fred puts in the CD in the music app as the Chicken Dance started and every single human residents do the Chicken Dance while being controlled by Seymour. Then we cut to Ryder, Paw Patrol, Robo-Dog and all the animals in Adventure Bay seeing and hearing all this in the netherworld stadium very far away)

Wally: Oh boy. Look you guys a football game!

Zuma: I don't think so, Wally. Robo-Dog, Bino-scope mode! (Robo-Dog lets in the bino-scope and sees everything by activating the television screen)

Cat Skye: Wow. What a lame half-time show.

Cat Zuma: They're making our humans dance so lame.

Wally: No! Francois Turbot really dances like that. (Francois Turbot on screen whistles and dances like an idiot)

Skye: Wait! They're not doing the pup pup boogie! They're doing the chicken dance!

Rocky: So does Chickaletta. (Chickaletta dances to the Chicken Dance)

Chickaletta: Ba GERK!!

Ryder: The festival is starting!

Cali: Our humans! They'll be eaten!

Cat Chase: Nobody eats our humans unless we the Kitten Catastrophe Crew says so. Come on! (Ryder, The Paw Patrol, Robo-Dog and all the animals of Adventure Bay finds another way down the stadium as we cut to Lord Betrayus beginning the incubation with all the help of his loyal ghosts)

Lord Betrayus: Begin the incubation! (The Fire Ghosts spits out fire on the really big giant egg as they laughed evilly. While the Paw Patrol, Robo-Dog, Ryder and all the animals of Adventure Bay when toward the stadium)

Cali: Come on, Kitties. Show them what you're made of to Mayor Humdinger! (Just when they are about to enter the netherworld stadium...)

Cyclops Ghost #1: Halt!

Cat Marshall: Nice spears.

Cyclops Ghost #2: Oh you really think so? I guess so because...

Cat Chase: You mind if we try? (He and the other Kitten Catastrophe Crew jumps, scratches and pounces on the cyclops ghosts with their claws, paws and legs)

Cyclops Ghost #3: No, no, no! (The Kitten Catastrophe Crew shoots out mud balls and yarn ball at the third Cyclops Ghost and does the sinister laugh)

Cali: My heroes!

Ryder: Come on, Everyone! To the stadium!

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Everest and all the animals: Get em, Kittens. Come on! (But the really big egg hatched with eyes popping out and the Kitten Catastrophe Crew stopped and saw it with their own cat eyes by surprised)

Pac-Dragon: (Growls)


Cali: My heroes?

Chompy: OK, we need another plan. Probably the scaredy cats. (The really big giant egg started to break open with two feet from side of side as it started to stand up as the ghosts from the netherworld cheered on to Pac-Dragon)

Ghosts: Pac-Dragon! Pac-Dragon! Pac-Dragon! Pac-Dragon!

Lord Betrayus: Citizens of Pac-World, I Lord Betrayus! Master of the netherworld... give you... sacrifice. (The really big giant egg exploded into a million pieces as the ghosts took cover from those cracked egg shells as we see a really big giant dragon called Pac-Dragon)

Chompy: Th-th-th-th-th-that a... big dragon.


Wally: What will we do now? (Marshall runs toward the stadium and see the ghosts, the mind control devices, Seymour holding the control and the control tower which Lord Betrayus is sitting on the throne as he begins to think in his head by closing his eyes)

Marshall: Think. Think! (We zoomed to inside Marshall's ears and inside his brain pumping up and zooming inside of it as the DNA shows where we show Skye's taking the space ship with Skye's badge, Rocky using his claw on the controller with Rocky's badge, Marshall getting himself to the control tower with a help of the other Paw Patrol and Marshall's badge and Chase herding the humans with mind control devices with Chase's badge. Then Marshall gets an idea as we cut back to him) PUPPY BLAST!!! (Runs up toward, Ryder, the other Paw Patrol and the animals of Adventure Bay by explaining his plan) Okay, everybody, listen up! We don't have much time! We got to get to that control tower! Cali, Mandy, you and the other animals keep the guards busy until Chompy arrives with the ship.

Chompy: OK, I heard the ship part, but was that "Chompy get the ship"?

Turtles and Penguins: Yeah, yeah.

Marshall: There's a transport ship in that airfield big enough to carry all of us out. I need you to get it here fast.

Chompy: But I don't have a driver's licence. I have no hand-eye coordination...

Marshall: Chompy. Ask yourself. What would Super Beaver do?

Chompy: ...... I accept this responsibility, understanding the consequences that you've bestowed against me.

Lord Betrayus: (Rings the bell) Pac-Dragon, Din-dins. Yummy yummy. Foodie Woodie.


Marshall: This is it, Animal Scout Patrol! (Everest, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma and Skye get along side with him as the light Robo-Dog was carrying shines on them) These crummy Pac of ghosts stole our humans. It's time to show them what we're made of! We're tough! We're mean! Darn it, we're carbon-based life forms.

Chase: Now who's gonna kick butt?

Animals of Adventure Bay: THE CARBON-BASED LIFE FORMS!!!!! YEAH!!!! (They and the Paw Patrol roll out as they get inside the stadium and so did Ryder as the music soundtrack "We Got the Beat" plays)

Lord Betrayus: What the...? What is this...? (To the Ghost Army) Stop those animals!

Ghosts: After them!!! (They all floated down to go after the animals of Adventure Bay)

Marshall: Cali, Purple Flurp!!! (Throws the Purple Flurp to Cali as she drinks it)

Cali: Hmmm. Dragon whip her tail! (Jumps up with a rolling spin) REOOOOOOOOOOW!!! (Scratches Red, Blue and Green Ghosts to shreds turning them to splatters and lands on two feet and waves her paw. Next Garble the Goat shoot out the pop gun at the Cyclops Ghosts and yanks it making him splatters onto the floor)

Mandy: Let's dance! (Throws the headphones on the Cyclops Ghost)

Cyclops Ghost: Huh? (Mandy turns up the volume on the Cd Player as the Cyclops Ghost shoots out slime everywhere on the floor as he fell)

Cali: Yeah, Mandy!

Marshall: Come on, pups! (He, Robo-Dog, Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest jumped onto the ride but Wally saw some Red, Blue and Green Ghosts)

Wally: Paw Patrol!!!

Zuma: Wally, Fishing Hook!! (Wally took out his fishing hook)

Green Ghost: Come here, you! (Wally swings his fishing hook into the air and yanks the Green Ghost by the hook) Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooah whoa whoa let me go let me go!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (Flies toward the wall by a splat)

Wally: (To Red and Blue Ghosts) You want some!? You want some!? You want a piece of me!?!?!


Wally: Well I don't think so! (Lassos his fishing hook. While Sylvia herded all the ghosts with her herding skill passing by Wally. Robo-Dog, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest started the ride by flying this thing all the way toward the control tower where Seymour is)

Seymour: Munchy Crunchy time! (Giggles evilly as he controls the humans by making them bow down to the pac-dragon) There you go! There you go! (The Paw Patrol flew toward Seymour by surprise) Wha?

Rocky: Ruff ruff! Grabbing Claw! (Grabs the control with his Grabbing Claw)

Seymour: Hey hey give me that!!! Come back here you!!!

Chase: Everybody up. (Controls the humans of Adventure Bay as they stood their bodies up)

Pac-Dragon: GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWAR!!!!! (Is about to eat some of the humans of the Adventure Bay but Marshall controls the humans of Adventure Bay)

Marshall: Hey. Nice party!

Skye: Gotta fly!! (They flew off with the ride and the controller)

Lord Betrayus: MARSHALL!!!!!!

Marshall: OK, let's move out! (Controls the humans by making them get out of the stadium and away from the Pac-Dragon)

Pac-Dragon: (Growls)

Lord Betrayus: Guards, vaporize the pup brats. (The Ice and Fire Ghosts shoots out fire and ice as the Paw Patrol dodges every thing they shoot out from the ghosts mouths)

Robo-Dog: [Bark! Bark! Bark!]

Chase: Hurry, head to the exit! (They all headed to the exit but then Ryder realized where Chompy is)

Ryder: Hey, where's Chompy?

Chase: I don't know!

Lord Betrayus: STOP THEM!!!!!

Pac-Dragon: (Growls) GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWAR!!!!! (Runs by following the Paw Patrol, Ryder, Robo-Dog, All human residents and animals of Adventure Bay as it jumps up and blocks their exit) GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWAR!!!!! (Then the transport ship hits him on the head making him shut up and feel dizzy)

Rubble: All right, Chompy! (The Transport Ship lands with all the beavers and Chompy getting out felling all dizzy too)

Chompy: Your ship awaits, Captain Ryder!

Other Beavers: (Slaps their tails)

Pac-Dragon: Uggggggggggggggggh...!


Dr. Buttocks and Buttler: AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Lord Betrayus: (Picks up Dr. Buttocks and Buttler) Buttocks, Buttler! Protect! (Pac-Dragon fells on top of the throne breaking it as he, Dr. Buttocks and Buttler fall onto the ground)

Dr. Buttock and Buttler: (Crashes onto the floor by a splat as splattered ghosts they are)

Lord Betrayus: Oh... Pooh.

Marshall: Everybody to the ship! (Everybody from Adventure Bay went all the way to the transport ship)

Lord Betrayus: Pac-Dragon! Quickly. Your dinner's getting away. (The Paw Patrol, Ryder and all the animals of Adventure Bay take their positions)

Ryder: OK, keep up. Let's get out of here. Come on! We gotta do this quick. Launch positions. Temperature optimal. Engaging plasma coils.

Everest: Ryder, I think we better leave now!

Ryder: Countdown! Ten... Nine... Eight...


Cali: ONE!!! (Presses the go button as the transport ship takes off and blasts off into space, galaxy and the universe. The Pac-Dragon tries to catch the transport ship they're in with his mouth but they already took off as they all escaped into the whole universe)

Lord Betrayus: To my ships!!!

Splattered Dr. Buttocks: And can someone bring us to the chamber?

All the animals in Adventure Bay: (Cheered except for Wally who saw the ship coming from the lookout screen)

Wally: (Nervous) Paw Patrol, here they come! (All the ghost space ships are coming in toward the transport space ship and one of the spaceships someone is riding on is different than the original. It was Lord Betrayus and the splattered Dr. Buttocks and Splattered Buttler)

Lord Betrayus: (Laughs evilly) Time to discipline the naughty animals. Open Fire! (The ships shoots out the ball beams at the transport space ship)

Ryder: They're starting to fire everything with their ships! Skye, I need you to take the wheel and lead them to the sun. Stat!

Skye: Let's take to the sky! (Takes the wheel and pushes toward the sun) Alright. Who wants fried chicken!?! (Leads them ghost space ships as they make the ultimate turns by dodging every solar rays from the sun's orbit but not the ghost space ships they all crashed and got burned by the solar ray sun orbit. But Lord Betrayus' ship is undeterred)

Lord Betrayus: So, Paw Patrol, now it's just you and I! All weapons online! (His ship unleashed the most powerful weapons to shoot out the transport space ship)

Chompy: (Singing) Super Beaver's not afraid of chickens He is not afraid... (Many ball beams hit the transport space ship from Lord's Betrayus space ghost ship) He may be a little bit afraid of chickens.

Skye: This thing's too slow we can't outrun them!

Zuma: Incoming message!

Chase: On screen! Ruff! (The Screen turns on with Lord Betrayus sitting on throne)

Lord Betrayus: You see, Paw Patrol. You can't win. All of your friends and family will be safe at home, except for one little problem. You.

Marshall: Little!?!

Lord Betrayus: Now you must all die! (Laughs evilly as the television screen on the ship turns off)

 Rubble: Little, huh?

Skye: Who is he calling little?

Rocky: We'll show you who's little!

Marshall: Cali, take over! Come on, Robo-Dog!

Ryder: Be careful, Pups!

Cali: What are you doing? Is this one of those macho things? (The Paw Patrol and Robo-Dog went toward the elevator as it closes on them from the inside making all go down the elevator)

Everest: I know we haven't field-tested this feature yet, but we have no choice, guys. (Then they all fall into space as they called out the fly cycle)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest: Ruff ruff!!! Robo-Dog, Fly Cycle!!!!! (Robo-Dog activates the fly cycle for seven Pups to carry on his back as they all ride on it together by flying toward Lord Betrayus' ghost space ship very fast with rocket fuels)

Lord Betrayus: Would you look at this? I do believe he's going to ram us, Buttocks. Remind to clean the windshield later. (He and the splattered Dr. Buttocks and the splattered Buttler laughed as the Paw Patrol is coming toward their spaceship)

Chase: You steal Ryder!

Rubble: You treat Robo-Dog!

Lord Betrayus: Itsy bitsy Paw Patrol!

Splattered Dr. Buttocks: They do look a bit small and silly doesn't he, Betrayus?

Rocky: You attack our friends!

Zuma: And you made fun of our sizes!

Lord Betrayus: Puppy puppies!

Splattered Buttler: They're so cute!

Splattered Dr. Buttocks: And so tiny!

Marshall: Well, we're maybe small, but I gotta big brain! (Pulls out the shrink ray remote and presses the button to "Planet Size" as the Paw Patrol and Robo-Dog started to grow big as giants right in front of Lord Betrayus' ghost space ship stopping them by surprise)

Lord Betrayus: AAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Splattered Dr. Buttocks: NOT TINY!!!!!!

Lord Betrayus: Can't we call this whole thing a mistake and go back to your plan - rendezvous for universal brotherhood and whatnot? (Laughs nervously) Huh?

Giant Marshall, Giant Rubble, Giant Chase, Giant Rocky, Giant Zuma, Giant Skye and Giant Everest: (Smiles) Heh. (Inhales and Blows their ghost spaceship)

Lord Betrayus, Splattered Buttler and Splattered Dr. Buttocks: (Screaming as their ghost spaceship is headed toward the asteroid causing it to exploded into a million pieces by an explosion like a bomb)

All the animals: (Cheered happily) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

Ryder: Whoo-hoo!!!!!! (Now we see the splattered Betrayus floating into space)

Splattered Betrayus: You've not seen the last of us... Paw Patrol!!! (The Giant Paw Patrol blasted pasted the Splattered Betrayus as Splattered Buttler and Splattered Dr. Buttocks floated toward him)

Splattered Buttler: Cheer up, sir. There's still other evil plans to get rid of Pac-Man.

Splattered Dr. Buttocks: You look marvelous sunny-side up, Betrayus. That's no yolk.

Ryder: All right, Paw Patrol! Good Job! Whoa! How did they get so big all of a sudden?

Chompy: Orbiting around Paw Patrol's Giant Size. Estimated time to ear: Seven minutes. (All the animals see their humans without wearing mind control devices and go back to their owners and the Paw Patrol return to their normal size)

Cali: So, I guess we cats can't call you pups short anymore.

Marshall: Don't worry. I'm sure there are all kinds of other insults you can come up with. (Cali walks back to Katie and purrs and meows to her)

Precious: Meow! (Hugs his owner)

Precious' Owner: Na Ne Na Ne Na Ne! Na Ne Na Ne Na Ne!

Cap'n Turbot: I'm glad we're back to our sea animals, cousin Francois.

Francois Turbot: Yeah, Horatio. Let me tell you, as soon as we get back to Adventure Bay, (Stand up excitedly) We're going out dancing!!! (Does the Chicken Dance by singing to it. Precious' Owner covers Precious' eyes)

Chompy: Farmer Yumi!!!

Farmer Yumi: Chompy Beaver!!! (Hugs him) My long lost pet!

Emma and Corny: Farmer Al? Farmer Al! (Hugs hims)

Farmer Al: There you are my piggies!

Cat Chase: Hey, Paw Patrol. Nice job. (Hands Chase the ball of Yarn)

Chase: Thanks. ah... Ahh... Aaaaaachoo! (Throws the ball of yarn back to Cat Chase)

Mr. Porter: I got that for you, Mayor Goodway. (Takes off Mayor Goodway's mind control device off of her head)

Mayor Goodway: Ooh. Thank you. (Ryder, The Paw Patrol and Chickaletta walked back to Mayor Goodway, Mr. Porter and Alex Porter)

Marshall: Mayor Goodway, Mr. Porter. We pups shouldn't listened to you when you said don't talk to strangers.

Everest: You see we guess we thought we pups were so smart enough to do everything on our own.

Skye: That we didn't need you.

Rubble: But we was wrong.

Chase: We love you guys.

Mayor Goodway: We love you too, Paw Patrol. Having such seven good pups may not always be easy, but it's always interesting. You make us so proud.

Mr. Porter: You sure do, Pups. You know, not every family gets to ride in an alien spaceship, hurtling through the universe at warp speeds, millions of miles from home. We thank you for that.

Chase: Whenever you and the humans of Adventure Bay are in trouble, just yelp for help!

Ryder: That's what I was going to say. But you're all such good pups!

Mayor Goodway: You got to admit. That is pretty neat! (The Paw Patrol laughs and so does Ryder and Mr. Porter and Alex)

Chickaletta: Ba GERK! (Their transport spaceship blasted off all the way back to the planet earth as we finally cut back to Adventure Bay in the day time as Ryder gives the Paw Patrol such yummy treats from his red grocery bag)

Ryder: There you are, Pups. Some doggy biscuits for such good pups saving the human race from real live ghosts.

Everest: Ooh! Yummy! (The Paw Patrol eats their snack but Cali wanted some too)

Cali: Meoooooow.

Katie: Okay. You too, Cali. (Hands the biscuits to Cali as she eats it)

Cali: Mmmm.

Ryder: That's weird. I don't remember buying this brand of Lemonade.

Rocky: I wouldn't do that if I were you, Ryder.

Ryder: Aw, Pups. It's just lemonade.

Marshall: Wait... Ryder! That's not lemonade! That's burping soda!

Ryder, Katie and Alex: (Drinks a can of burping soda and burps)

Katie: Oh my.

Alex: Goodness. Excuse me. (Then Mayor Goodway and Mr. Porter came by)

Mr. Porter: Boy, it's a scorcher out there. (He and Mayor Goodway took the cans of burping soda from Ryder and Katie's hands) Thanks, Ryder. (He and Mayor Goodway drinks it and burps loudly)

Mayor Goodway: Gassy. (Continues burping)

Mr. Porter: Well, at least it's coming out of the attic, not the basement. (Laughs then burps)

Mayor Goodway: Porter! (Burps)

Skye: Goodway! (She and the other pups laughed and so did Cali as Ryder, Katie, Alex, Mayor Goodway and Mr. Porter burps but Mr. Porter burps to the musical rhythm)

Mayor Goodway: (Looks at the label of burping soda formula then to the Paw Patrol) Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye... (Burps loudly with an echo then laughs)

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Everest and Cali: (Laughs so hard) BLAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! (Ryder, Katie, Alex, Mr. Porter laughs along with Mayor Goodway and the Paw Patrol and Cali as the chorus sings the last part of this movie)

Chorus: Pa pa paw patrol. You're all good pups and you save the day! And now it's time to play around Adventure Bay! Pa pa pa paw paw paw patrol!!! (And finally we zoom out of Adventure Bay as we see many seagulls flying in the sky and so does Robo-Dog flying after them)

Robo-Dog: [Bark! Bark! Bark!] (Scene blinks to the credits)

Music Soundtrack: "Parents Just Don't Understand"

feat. 3LW, Nick Cannon

[Nick Cannon]

Peace out!

[Kiely Williams] (Lil' Romeo)

Romeo (okay)

What? (parents just don't understand)

Yeah, dub baby uh

Nick Cannon 

[Nick Cannon]

Uh, uh

Peace out!

[Lil' Romeo]

You know, parents are all the same no matter time or place

They don't, understand us kids are gon' make some mistakes

So to all you kids, across the land

There's no need to argue parents just don't understand

[Chorus 3LW] (Lil' Romeo)

Na, na, they don't understand

They ain't gon' get it (okay)

No, no, if you feel me (feel me, feel me, feel me, feel me) (okay)

(Then we fade to a car named Blaze from "Blaze and the Monster Machines" as he gives a Tiny Mayor Humdinger a ride of his life)

Tiny Mayor Humdinger: Onward, Blaze. We have to get to Adventure Bay by Dawn!

Blaze: You wanted to go fast, Mr. Mayor? I'll give you fast. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet's... BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZE!!!!!! (Goes faster than a speed of sound by zooming inside his smiling mouth to black as we continue onto the end credits)

[Nick Cannon]

Peace out!

[Lil' Romeo]

I remember one year my mom took me school shopping

It was me, my brother, my mom and my pop, and my little sister

All hoped in the car - and headed downtown to the gallery mall

My mom started buggin' with the clothes to chose

I didn't say nothing at first, I just turn my nose

She said, "What's wrong? This shirt costs $50!"

I said, "This shirt is whack and it's not worth a dollar"

The next half-hour was the same old thing

My mom buying me clothes from 1993

Then she lost her mind and did the ultimate

I asked her for a (?) and she bought me (?)

I said, "Mom, whatchu doin'? You ruinin' my rep"

She said, "You're only a kid, you don't have a rep yet"

So to you all the kids, across the land

There's no need to argue, parents just don't understand

[Chorus x2 w/ Lil' Romeo]

Na, na, (c'mon) they don't understand (nah uh they don't understand)

They ain't gon' get it

No, no, if you feel me

Holla all you kids across the land (uh)

[Nick Cannon]

Uh, under the situation

Moms bounced out for a weeks vacation

And she left the keys to the 5 double O

Would she mind? Hmm... well, how she gon' know?

I just get a Benzo, Lord spins

See what it look like with 20 inch rims

Then I be THE MAN in my neighborhood

Well, maybe I shouldn't - yeah course I should

You payin' attention 'cause the plot gets hot

Yo, I pull the whip up to the end of the block

That's when I saw this dom piece startin' in my grill

My diamond rings blairin' from the steerin' wheel

Then she tryin' to pretend like she ain't notice Nick

So I blow her a kiss like I know this chick


Um... was that for me?


Yeah, you know it huh?

Come take a ride with the young Billy Dee Williams


How do I know? You look sick

You could be some kind of lunatic


Aw, c'mon sugah, it's Nick from Nick

Besides would a lunatic push a whip like this?

[Chorus w/ Lil' Romeo & Nick Cannon]


I agreed we were on our way

He was lookin' real good

So ? I must say

Who's car is this?

I'm a little curious


So I stepped on the gas, fast and furious


Wasn't impressed with the way he burned rubber

The car phone rang


Yo, who is it?


Your mother


On the phone wowlin' the way my moms sounded

[Kiely and Nick]

There was no way to avoid being grounded


I can't believe it, I just made a mistake

Well, parents are the same

No matter time or place

[Kiely and Nick]

So to you all the kids, across the land

Take from me - parents just don't understand

[Chorus 'til fade]

Music Soundtrack: "PAW PATROL THEME SONG"

Chorus: PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, we'll be there on the double,

Whenever there's a problem, 'round Adventure Bay,

Ryder and his team of pups, shall come and save the day,

Marshall! Rubble! Chase! Rocky! Zuma! Skye!

YEAH! They're on the way!

PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, whenever you're in trouble,

PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, we'll be there on the double,



PAW Patrol, we're on a roll!

'Cause here we go, PAW Patrol!

(Random Whoa-ing)

PAW Patrol,

(More Random Whoa-ing)

PAW Patrol!


(Theme song ends)


"DNA Production"

Paul: Hi! I'm Paul!

"Nickelodeon Productions"

"TM Copyright @ 2015 Nickelodeon/Nick Jr./Spin Master Entertainment"