Walinda is a female Walrus and Wally's mate. Her name was coined by Cap'n Turbot. 

Walinda is Wally's mate and the baby walrus pup's mother. She made her debut in "Pups Save Walinda," in which Wally introduces Cap'n Turbot and the PAW Patrol to her. She was first rescued by the PAW Patrol after she became tangled in a buoy chain. She was also helped by Zuma in "Pups Save a Satellite" when he warned her and the family about a satellite heading right for the bay.

Various pieces of promo art and a storybook for the third season show the Baby Walrus Pup getting stranded on ice and needing to be delivered to Walinda by the PAW Patrol. It is unknown if this episode idea was scrapped or if it will be in the fourth season.

In addition to the Pups Lend a Paw book, Walinda is featured on the packaging for the Zuma & Wally Rescue Set. She is also described on Wally's Top Trumps card as "his walrus friend Walinda."

Walinda has a loving, motherly attitude. She also has a hearty appetite. Compared to Wally, she is less vocal and does not perform tricks as frequently.

Like the other walruses, Walinda does not have a voice actor. The sound effects for Walinda were provided by the show's sound engineer Richard Spence-Thomas.

Walinda is smaller than Wally. She is light purple in color and has shiny skin. She also has whiskers and three black hairs on the top of her head. Her eyes are bright purple.

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