PAW Patrol Wally

Wally is a walrus that lives in The Bay. He becomes Walinda's husband and the baby walrus pup's father in "Pups Save Walinda."

Wally is a talented walrus who loves food. He loves doing tricks for Cap'n Turbot, who feeds him treats in return. Wally is shown to be very intelligent, and occasionally more so than Cap'n Turbot (who is late to realize some things). Wally is also shown to be responsible, as he devotes time away from doing tricks to care for his child in "Pups Save Walinda." Ryder can understand Wally's barks perfectly, though Cap'n Turbot does not always comprehend what Wally tells him.

Wally is very friendly and playful. He loves the PAW Patrol, but gets in their way unintentionally on occasion. He also likes to eat treats from the PAW Patrol and Cap'n Turbot. Wally face palms when he gets frustrated with Cap'n Turbot misunderstanding what he is saying.

Wally is a mostly brown walrus with light brown spots on his back. He has brown eyes, dark brown eyebrows, and a light brown mustache. He also has two white tusks.

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